Police Log

Items of note from Sept. 18-26.

Blackfoot Police

ROAD RAGE: Sept. 18, 10 a.m.: A caller said an elderly female passed him on the right hand side of Judicial and rolled down her window and yelled obscenities at him.

STILL IN THE CAR: Sept. 18, 3 p.m.: A caller said there is a vehicle that has been in the parking lot for several hours and there is a man inside that has never exited the vehicle.

GRAND THEFT AUTO: Sept. 19, 9:45 a.m.: A caller reported a truck stolen from the fairgrounds and said it happened sometime last weekend.

ACTING STRANGE: Sept. 19, 1:57 p.m.: A caller said a female was acting strange and saying "we shouldn't be here here cause if the cops see me." An arrest was made.

GETTING FIRED: Sept. 19, 1:58 p.m.: A caller at a gas station said $140 was stolen by an employee and the theft is on video.

WHO LOCKED THE DOGS IN?: Sept. 19, 2:51 p.m.: A woman said someone has been going into her apartment and yesterday she came back home and the door was cracked open and her dogs were locked in the bathroom.

SEXUAL ABUSE: Sept. 19, 8:58 p.m.: A caller said a juvenile said they were sexually abused by a family member at the age of eight.

HAZARDOUS HOLE: Sept. 20, 7:32 p.m.: A caller reported a manhole cover missing from Lansing St.

CAUSING TROUBLE: Sept. 21, 11:59 p.m.: A caller said a man who was asked to leave the Tumbleweed Tavern is pulling his pants down and flipping people off trying to start a fight.

SEXUAL PREDATOR: Sept. 22, 4:15 p.m.: A woman said she was watching videos on YoutTube and noticed a comment that said a man is a sexually violent predator and listed an address in Blackfoot.

KNIFE THROWERS: Sept. 22, 7:01 p.m.: A caller said several people are throwing knives around in the courtyard.

LONG LOST DAUGHTER: Sept. 23, 8:12 p.m.: A man said he is concerned because he read on the internet that his daughter is deceased. He said he has not had any contact with her for 25 years.

PROWLER: Sept. 23, 11:20 p.m.: A woman said a man has been looking in her house for the last three nights.

TAKING DONATIONS: Sept. 24, 11:09 a.m.: A caller at Melina's Restaurant said a woman stole a donation box. They said they were able to get the money back.

POWER OUTAGE: Sept. 24, 12:04 p.m.: A man said someone has stolen the power meter off of the side of his house.

TOO LATE: Sept. 24, 11:34 p.m.: A caller said someone has been ringing the doorbell but no one should be at the residence.

MAN IN THE BUSHES: Sept. 25, 6:11 a.m.: A caller said a man was in the bushes at the Y Motel and he came and tried to speak to them but they left the area and aren't sure where the man went.

FOUND BAG: Sept. 25, 2:46 p.m.: A man found a bag with a safe inside.

BATTERY: Sept. 25, 3:51 p.m.: A caller said a juvenile was battered at Blackfoot High School. An arrest was made.

BATTERY II: Sept. 25, 5:01 p.m.: A woman said her daughter was battered by another girl. An arrest was made.

BURGLARY: Sept. 26, 8:17 a.m.: A man said someone took items out of his car.

GAS THEFT: Sept. 26, 9:10 a.m.: A caller at the Short Stop reported the theft of $91 is diesel fuel.

CAT SHOT: Sept. 26, 8:13 p.m.: A woman said someone has shot her cat through the window of her residence. She said there is a bullet hole in the screen and she cannot find her cat.