Potato Commission's icon rolls into Blackfoot

The Idaho Potato Commission is celebrating its 75th anniversary in a very big way. Commission officials have built the world's largest Idaho potato and they are taking it on a cross-country road tour.
During a brief stop at the Idaho Potato Museum on Wednesday, Paul Humbracht, driver of the spectacular spud, said, "everywhere we've been everyone has asked if it is this (Blackfoot's) potato. Ours is a bit bigger."
IPC's potato is bigger- constructed out of a steel frame, plywood, movie foam and a spray on concrete- and weighing in at 6 tons compared to the Blackfoot potato on display at the Idaho Potato Museum which weighs approximately 1,100 lbs.
One unidentified man who saw the IPC tuber on display exclaimed, "Now that's a potato", upon seeing the 28-foot long, 12 foot wide and 11 and one-half tall Idaho potato being transported on a shiny red semi-tractor pulling a 48 foot long flatbed.
The biggest difference between the two potatoes- Blackfoot's is ready to eat!
IPC's 6-ton monster of a meal would take 2 years and nine months to bake.
The giant potato is an effort to raise awareness for the Meals on Wheels program designed to assist the elderly. Humbracht and other IPC drivers will be transporting the potato across 32 states in 7 months. So far they have a mere 320 miles under their belt. You can track the potato along its journey at www.bigidahopotato.com.