Presidential candidate visits Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT — Presidential hopeful John Davis visited Blackfoot Tuesday. He was touring county seats in Southeastern Idaho from Soda Springs to Rexburg on his red, white and blue "John Davis for President" bus.
This is his first run for elected office. He is running as a conservative Republican.
"I am pro-life, pro-gun and pro-America," Davis said. "I am running for president because of the condition of the country."
For examples of "condition of the country," Davis cited the nation's morals.
"They are the lowest they have ever been," he said. "Just look at television shows and advertisements. We also don't put God first when we kill babies."
His contract with America includes a balanced budget, term limits, upholding the Constitution of the United States, common sense leadership, less government, border control/ work visas/ citizenship for law-abiding aliens.
"Our country has survived many faulty leaders but we cannot continue to go to the voting booth and check the box for the lesser of the two evils," Davis said.
His aim is to visit every county in the United States—all 3,143 of them. So far, he has visited 1,166 counties, about one-third of them, on his way to "earn the right to be a candidate."
"Everyone is important," Davis said. "So many people in the counties I've visited have said they have never seen a presidential candidate in their county."
Davis's wife, Debra, took notes on suggestions each person volunteered at the brief campaign stop.
He and his wife visit 10 to 13 counties each day, six days a week. They don't campaign on Sunday. They are two weeks on the road and one week home in Grand Junction, Colo., where he has owned a home construction company for the past 35 years.
"[Traveling to every county] is hard work and I knew no one would be following me," he said. "The next president will need to work hard and he will need lots of help."
He carries around an over-sized red, white and blue wrench for "fixing America and ratcheting down big government."
The first step in fixing the economy is to eliminate the federal budget deficit, Davis said. He supports a constitutional requirement for Congress to pass a balanced budget each year.
Davis has been supporting his campaign mostly out-of-pocket. Donations to his campaign have paid about 4 percent of the campaign's expenses.
For more information about John Davis or to contribute to his campaign, check the website at .