Proposed changes to county dog ordinance

The Bingham County commissioners discussed proposals to the county's animal ordinance Tuesday morning.
The changes include an increased impound fee.
This means that fees for dogs that come into the kennel would be increased by $10, $20 per animal.
Each dog coming into the kennel would be vaccinated. The increased $10 fee would cover the vaccination.
The impound cost for each cat would increase from $20 to $25. This increase cost will pay for vaccinating each cat.
"We would like to add a $5 kennel fee for each day people do not pick up their pet," said Animal Control Officer Janet Gay.
As an example, if a person is contacted that the animal shelter has his/her pet and the person does not pick up the pet for five days, the person would be charged $5 for each day the pet is in the shelter.
Each dog in the county must have a tag on it, Gay said. Dog tags are available at the three vets in Blackfoot, the sheriff's office and at the animal shelter.
If a person has four or more dogs, he/she needs to purchase a Kennel License. It will be considered a misdemeanor if a kennel license is not purchased.
If convicted of this misdemeanor charge, the violator could be sentenced to serve up to six months in jail, be fined $1,000 or both.
A Kennel License can be obtained from the Bingham County Sheriff's Office business desk during business hours, Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Fees for a Kennel License are as follows, $25 a year for commercial, and $15 other plus a $5 tag. At any time that four or more dogs are kept on a property, a Kennel License is required. Blackfoot City does not issue Kennel Licenses.
It will be considered an infraction the first time a person is notified that his/her dog is at large, meaning the dog is not on a leash or under the control of its owner. The second warning is also an infraction; the third warning will be considered a misdemeanor.