Prosecutor: 'Dialogue exists between hospital, county'

Bingham County Commissioner Chairman Cleone Jolley explained the role of the county and Bingham Memorial Hospital Tuesday afternoon.
Jolley suggested questions or concerns be directed to the hospital's board or staff or to the other agencies dealing with issues related to the hospital.
"If you have further questions after this meeting, we ask that these be directed to the prosecuting attorney's office."
Questioned, Bingham County prosecuting attorney Scott Andrew said, "This is going to be a dialogue with the hospital."
The county has no authority over the running of the hospital, said Andrew. The authority of the county rests in the lease agreement with BMH, Inc.
If the hospital does not meet its lease agreement with the county, then the county could intercede, Andrew said.
There is a "cure clause" in the lease agreement, he said. A "cure clause" states that if a certain sum of money is not received by the county, the hospital has six months to mend this breach.
BMH is current on its lease with the county.
"Businesses have disgruntled employees," Andrew said. "Sometimes disgruntled employees have agendas.
"If they are terminated unfairly; then you need to fix the problem. It is not an easy task.
"The [hospital] board of directors has the ability and authority to deal with these concerns," he said. "I'm sure the hospital board feels the scrutiny.
"They can be trusted to do the right thing, to investigate it and judge it," said Andrew.