P&Z commissioners approve two variances, deny another

BLACKFOOT — Planning and Zoning Commissioners approved variances for the East Idaho Regional Waste Water Authority and Vickie Burke and denied a variance to Phillip and Nancy Turner at Wednesday night's hearing.
No representative from the East Idaho Regional Waste Water Authority attended the hearing.
When the water facility was built, the setback requirement to a road Right of Way was 30 feet. Since more than 400 vehicles travel this road each day, the road is now considered a major arterial. Major arterials require a 50-foot setback.
Because the water facility was built before the road became a major arterial, the P&Z commissioners approved this variance with the requirement that the water facility build cushioned pads to the roadway for motorized vehicles. .
P&Z commissioners also approved the variance requested of Vickie Burke. Burke had asked for a 20-foot variance to a 50-foot easement requirement. Her property is at 128 N. 150 W. in Blackfoot in a residential/agriculture zone.
Burke said she wanted to make the property in compliance with the county.
"This is a good case for a variance," said P&Z commissioner Brutch Merrill. "There was no public response, I mean, no one was in opposition. It should be approved"—and it was.
Phillip and Nancy Turner also submitted a variance request since their property was 0.018 acre short of the required one-acre requirement to allow them to build. This property is at approximately 475 S. 1100 W. in Blackfoot.
This request had a number of twists, including who owned the property and when.
This property is divided into two pieces by an county road that is now abandoned. The northern lot measures 0.48 acres. The southern lot measures 0.5020 acres.
Two households use this easement to get to their property.
Representatives for the Turners said they planned to build a cabin on the 0.5020 lot.
After discussion, P&Z commission chair Ann Christensen said the commissioners' decision came down to, "Do we want them to build on less than on acre at this location?"
The P&Z commissioners split 2-2 to not approve this variance. Because of the split decision, the motion failed.
Each applicant has a 10-day appeal period.