Remodeling leads to treasure

It's amazing what you can find when you remodel your home.
Dennis and Cathy Hansen from Kimball were remodeling their home this summer. The Hansens' home is a big white house that stands south of Kimball Hill near Firth.
As they took off an old door frame, they found a century old letter from James E. Good, the prosecuting attorney for Bingham County in 1914.
The letter is dated Aug. 1, 1914.
It reads: "To the Voters of Bingham, Custer and Lemhi Counties:
"In making my announcement for District Judge, I do so with a full realization of the important and responsibility of the office, having served the people of Bingham County as Prosecuting Attorney for the past three years, and having been actively engaged in the Courts the greater part of that time, I have necessarily acquired an intimate knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the office of District Judge, … if nominated and elected I wish to assure you that I will conduct the business of the Court …which will be most likely to conserve the rights and interests of the litigants and secure equal justice to all."
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