Republicans turn out in Bingham County

A strong Republican showing in Tuesday's primary election propelled candidates into the general eection in Bingham County.
"We are very happy with the high turnout," said Dan Cravens, Bingham County Republican Central Committee secretary. "In six precincts, more ballots needed to be supplied.
"That speaks highly of a lot of enthusiasm for Republican candidates and is a positive sign for the Fall," Cravens said.
Congressman Mike Simpson will face Nicole LeFavour in the November election.
Simpson had 4,161 (65.67 percent) to M.C. "Chick" Heileson's vote total of 2,175 (34.33 percent) in Bingham County balloting.
On the Democratic side, LeFavour had 133 votes (56.60 percent) to Jack Wayne Chappell's 102 votes (43.40 percent).
State Senator R. Steven Bair gained 5,588 votes in the Republican primary.
Bair will face Cherie Harding Clawson who had 239 votes in the Democratic primary.
To be the Republican candidate for State Representative District 31, Position A, Neil Anderson pulled off a win in this four-man race.
Anderson earned 2,487 votes (39.80 percent); David Moore had 1,406 votes (22.50 percent); Robert Butler had 1,264 votes (20.23 percent); and Mike Duff who had 1,091 votes (17.46 percent).
Anderson will face Democrat Barbara Ann Clark for this legislative position in November.
Newcomer Julie VanOrden defeated incumbent Jim Marriott on the Republican side for State Representative District 31, Position B.
VanOrden earned 3,872 (62.38 percent) to Marriott's 2,335 votes (37.62 percent).
She will face Democratic challenger Jeannie James in the general election in November.
James earned 225 votes in the Democratic primary.
In the Bingham County races, only Republican candidates filed which is probably the reason most people voted for those candidates.
Six men faced off for the County Commissioner District 1 seat.
Election results follow:
Mark Bair earned 2,133 votes (35.38 percent).
Matthew Thompson had 1,117 votes (18.53 percent).
Merril Blake earned 1,049 votes (17.40 percent).
Steven Cederberg had 1,008 votes (16.72 percent).
Grant Thorson had 385 votes (6.39 percent).
Barry Johnson had 336 votes (5.57 percent).
In the County Commissioner District 3 race, incumbent A. Ladd Carter earned 3,051 votes (50.11 percent); Kirk Ogden had 2,111 votes (34.67 percent); and Steven Kauer had 926 votes (15.21 percent).
In a rematch for county sheriff, Craig Rowland had 3,807 votes (60.29 percent) to best Sheriff Dave Johnson who had 2,507 votes (39,71 percent).
Cleve Colson will serve as the next county prosecuting attorney. Colson earned 4,174 (68.19 percent) to J. Scott Andrew's 1,947 votes (31.81 percent).
In the general election in November, the names of the Republican candidates will appear on the ballot. No Democrats filed to run for county offices in Bingham County.
Most of the precinct committeemen on the Republican side did not face opposition and were elected.
There were two exceptions. In Blackfoot 5, Ginette Manwaring garnered 162 votes and won the committeeman's position over Brett Peterson who received 85 votes.
In Groveland 9, Judith Ann Hale won the committeeman position with 177 votes to 161 votes for Paul Schneider.
Of the 18,861 registered voters in Bingham County, 6,832 cast ballots., a 36.22 percent turnout.
Republican candidates garnered 6,432 votes or 94.15 percent of the vote. Democrat voters had 264 votes or 3.86 percent of the ballots cast while nonpartisan/unaffiliated votes totaled 136 or 1.99 percent of the ballots cast.