Ridge Crest students set new reading standard

The Blackfoot Firefighters Reading Challenge was issued to students in the Blackfoot and Snake River School Districts during February.
At an assembly Friday morning at Ridge Crest Elementary, Tony Catt, Blackfoot fireman and reading organizer, said, "You guys went way above and beyond everybody.
"Other schools would need to read 500,000 more minutes just to tie you."
Ridge Crest students read 1,573,671 minutes in 29 days.
For their victory prize, firefighters will serve lunch to the whole school before the end of the school year. The school also received a check for $100.
In 29 days, the 29 students in Tami Jones' fourth grade class read 225,862 minutes.
Firefighters will arrange a day to share a pizza party with Mrs. Jones and her students.
Jones was also presented a check for $200 for use in her classroom.
In 29 days, Blackfoot and Snake River students read nearly 5 million minutes.
Students read twice as many minutes as last year when they read 2.1 million minutes.
This is the second year the Blackfoot Firefighters Union has sponsored this reading challenge.
Besides Catt, firemen Bryon Howell, Chad Kent and Dave Lewis helped to present these awards.