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Rollene pleads quilty

March 6, 2013

Jason Rollene

POCATELLO — Sixth Judicial District Judge Robert Naftz sentenced Jason Lee Rollene, age 37, of Blackfoot Monday on two counts of video voyeurism. In November, Rollene changed his plea to guilty.
"To protect society and to deter you and others from this felony, I am sentencing you to three years fixed and two years indeterminate," Naftz said.
The judge then retained jurisdiction for 365 days. Rollene will be turned over to the Department of Correction.
Judge Naftz told Rollene he must complete a sex offender treatment program before he (the judge) would consider placing Rollene on probation.
Rollene was charged with three counts of video voyeurism on June 1, 2012. The third count was dismissed on recommendation of the prosecutor on Dec. 11, 2012.
There were two victims in this crime. One of the victims had been photographed twice.
In the month-long investigation, investigators at the Bannock County sheriff's office were able to pull three suspicious videos from Rollene's iPhone.
One of the victims was in court Monday.
She had written a letter to the judge stating that her world had been turned "upside down."
"It has changed how I view things and how I trust people," she wrote.
Defense attorney Ron Bird said, "Jason is very upset for what he did. He has been humble and contrite.
"He did not know how to make it right with himself, the victims or his family," said Bird. "Jason is ready, willing and wants to pay any restitution.
Bird pointed out this had no victims and was a non-contact crime.
"This is not me; it is not what I'm about," said Rollene. "I want to teach my kids to be leaders of the community; to be strong for them and the community.
"Give me a shot to be better than this; to prove myself to my kids," he said.
Judge Naftz asked Rollene, "What kind of planning did it take? [Pictures were taken] initially from the ceiling and then from behind a Kleenex box.
"It took some planning," the judge said. "One day you decided this is what you were going to do?"
"Yes," said Rollene.
"You were your victims' immediate supervisor," Naftz said. "There was no provocation.
(Rollene was a former manager at Jensen Jewelers in Pocatello.)
"Why did you do this? For sexual arousal?"
"I did videotape them," Rollene said. "For sexual pleasure? I don't know."
"This is a concern," said Judge Naftz. "You have never really told me now or anyone why you did it.
"You have a complete lack of empathy for the victims," he said. "You have tears how it impacted you wife and your family but no tears for the victims.
"Your sexual deviant nature did cause harm," Naftz said. "You failed to consider your conduct and it did cause harm.
In addition to his sentence, Rollene was ordered to reimburse the court fund for $1,100 for a polygraph test. He was also fined $3,000.
A no contact order with the victims remains in effect for five years until March 4, 2018.


Harsh sentence!

March 8, 2013 by shoopgang, 2 years 11 weeks ago
Comment: 4164

WOW! I understand these women are victims but when he never touched them nor could you see the faces of these ladies on the videos. The victim that said a statement at sentencing said her world has been turned "upside down" then why didn't she go to the police when she first saw the video instead of deleting it from his phone as she stated in her police report? I understand he should have to pay for what he did but he has NEVER been in trouble before and has been a active member in his community and has raised ALOT of money for different projects in the area. I have heard and know people in my community that have multiple felonies and have NEVER served ONE DAY in prison.

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