Sargent claims Aberdeen Distinguished Young Women title

Lauren Sargent was named Aberdeen’s 2013 Distinguished Young Woman (DYW) on Saturday. She had some stiff competition.
The Aberdeen Middle School auditorium was comfortably full as friends and family cheered on the young ladies.
The theme this year was Journey to Fearless.
The selection process for DYW is based on five categories:
Interview (25 percent). Fitness (15 percent), Talent (25 percent), Self-expression (15 percent) and Scholastics (20 percent).
Each participant stated what she has discovered on her life’s journey for the self-expression part of the contest.
Zoe Pratt she has discovered there is nothing more valuable than a good friend.
Whitney Wahlen said, “Strength is not something you get, it’s something you find.”
Jessica Villegas said she has discovered faith and self-determination in herself will influence her life journey.
“I’m the one who determines my journey,” said Lauren Sargent. “The attitude I take will influence my journey.”
Katrina Eggleston said she has learned to dance in the rain.
Carolee Beck said, “In a world where you can be anything—be yourself.”
Taylor Wallace said, “I have discovered I have a prayer in my heart, a friend by my side, a basketball in my hand and a smile on my face.”
DYW is a scholarship program. The young ladies were awarded these cash scholarships:
·         Scholastic--$200 to Lauren Sargent and Taylor Wallace
·         Interview--$200 to Whitney Wahlen and Lauren Sargent
·         Fitness--$200 to Whitney Wahlen and Lauren Sargent
·         Self Expression--$200 to Whitney Wahlen and Lauren Sargent
·         Talent--$200 to Carolee Beck and Lauren Sargent
·         Spirit--$200 to Zoe Pratt
·         Be Your Best Self--$200 to Katrina Eggleston and Taylor Wallace
·         Third Runner up--$400 to Taylor Wallace
·         Second Runner up--$650 to Carolee Beck
·         First Runner up--$900 to Whitney Wahlen
·         DYW 2013--$1,200 to Lauren Sargent