Shelley Fire District bond fails; school bond passes

Needing two-thirds of the vote to pass, the Shelley-Firth fire district bond failed by 32 votes or 0.35 percent.
Fire district administrators had asked voters to pass a $1.7 million bond to build a new fire station in Shelley.
The Firth Fire District would also have benefited with $300,000 for its needs.
"We're disappointed we didn't win," said Shelley fire chief Mike Carter. "We want to thank everyone who worked really hard on the bond and thank everyone who voted for it.
"Maybe we will try again," said Carter.
The vote by precinct for and against the fire district bond:
Firth 7—for 197; against 194
Firth 8—for 179; against 122
Jameston 10—for 191; against 17
Shelley 13—for 235; against 104
Shelley 14—for 304; against 102
Shelley 21—for 272; against 107
Groveland 22—for 0; against 2
The percentages were 66.25 for the bond; 33.75 against. Two-thirds of the voters (66.66 percent) must approve the bond for it to pass.
The Shelley School District number 60 asked voters to approve a supplemental levy of $400,000 for each of the next two years. To pass a levy, 50 percent plus one vote is needed.
"We are thrilled to have that behind us because it is a tax increase," said Superintendent Bryan Jolley. "The levy was needed to maintain what we have.
"We just hope the state will treat us [schools] favorably this coming year," he said.
"We appreciate the community supporting us," said Jolley.

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