Shelley School Board keeps same officers

Members of the Shelley School Board set themselves in order by re-electing the same officers. All were unanimously re-elected by 4-0 vote. Trustee Jamey Higham was excused.
Ken Kearsley will again serve as chairman. Scott Fredrickson was re-elected vice chairman. Loren Lund as treasurer and Vicki Johnson as the clerk.
The meeting date remains the same. An executive session begins at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month at Hobbs Middle School. A public session follows at 8 p.m.
Shelley manufacturing manager Arturo Santillan from Basic American Foods presented two grants to Shelley schools. Riverview Elementary School received a grant for $3,000 to support the Play-away books on tape program to help develop new reading skills of students. Riverview librarian Inez Landon applied for this grant.
Hazel Stuart Elementary School received a grant for $700 to buy IPods to utilize modern technology as a way to develop new skills and motivate students. Donna Hill applied for this grant.
"Basic American Foods is committed to support education in our community," said Santillan. "We believe that every child in our community has the right to attend a good education program.
"Supporting our schools by offering grants is just one of the many ways that our company can help our community," said Santillan. "We want schools in our community to know that we offer grants twice each for year."
Trustees will offer Porter House the opportunity to rent Goodsell Elementary. Rental for the school will be $2,000 each month plus utilities and custodial services for the restroom, whether they use it much or not.
Superintendent Bryan Jolley said he and business manager Trish Dixon are comfortable with this arrangement. A lawyer will draw up the contract.
Trustees approved a 5 percent increase in the price of each adult lunch.
"This is a requirement of the federal government," Dixon said. "I hope you approve it."
Adult lunches will cost $1.90. Last school year, they cost $1.55.
The preliminary results of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) were presented by the superintendent.
Riverview Elementary, Hobbs Middle School and Shelley High School met AYP. Kindergarten through second grade are taught at Sunrise Elementary so no scores are available for this school since this testing begins in the third grade.
More research has been submitted to determine if Hazel Stuart Elementary will qualify to meet AYP. In the preliminary report, Stuart Elementary missed AYP in one subgroup by 1.2 percent. This equals about one student's score.
In the preliminary report, the school district did not meet AYP. Each subgroup must have at least 10 in it to be counted in AYP. At the district level, all the subgroups from each of the schools are added together and counted in the AYP tally.
The final report of AYP for all school districts in Idaho will be released to the public at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 10.
"We gearing up for school," Jolley said. "It's going to be a good year for the kids."
The first day of school for all Shelley schools is Thursday, Aug. 16. If needed, supply lists for each grade level are online at