Shelley students, teacher seek publisher for book

SHELLEY — Ten Shelley High School students and their English teacher have written a book and are hoping to get it published.
The students include seven freshmen, a sophomore, a junior and a senior.
Originally more students signed up to participate in the writing of the book, but only these 10 stayed with it. They include Brennan Taylor, Jessica Harrison, Maryssa McLeish, Morgan Talbott, Nate Osburn, Rachel Kotter, Bryn Godfrey, Robert Nelson, Calvin Boll and Darrow Felsted. Teacher Eric DuPuis and his wife Bonnie also participated in writing the book. Called "The Tale Hunters," It is geared to 10-12-year-olds.
"This is a way of teaching kids who are passionate about writing," said DuPuis.
"And," Bonnie added, "it gives them an opportunity to write something not for a grade."
When they started their projects, the students decided to shoot for the stars and try to bring their work to the national stage immediately.
"That shows kids that reaching for big things is possible," said Kotter, who works with Harrison as the publicity committee.
"It has really helped our writing skills," said Harrison.
As challenging as the writing itself has been, the students are learning that getting a book published isn't an easy task.
"We have completed the research stage," Harrison said of that effort. "We've checked on and are targeting agents who represent those who write for this age group."
Rather than seeking a regional publisher or self-publishing the book, the students are trying to get a nationally known publisher to produce the book.
"We're shooting big," DuPuis said. "Why not swing for the fence?"
"We haven't found another group of students who've done this," Kotter said. "It's worth reading."
The book includes a frame story which pulls all the stories into one book rather than being a collection of short stories. DuPuis wrote that.
"The frame story makes it so you can enjoy all of them," Kotter said. "What makes it cool is it has a little bit of everything."
The stories include:
A Place in This World by Brennan Taylor. A youth with special powers escapes from a government testing facility to live in hiding.
Using Time Wisely by Jessica Harrison. When a girl discovers she has the power to stop time, the temptation to abuse the power might be more than she can resist.
Lost and Found by Maryssa McLeish. An ordinary Earth boy discovers that he is actually the Crown Price of the Fairy Kingdom of Leyshule.
Outcasts by Morgan Talbott. An unwanted brother and sister, abandoned in the Chanted Forest, are welcomed into the exciting life of their new family.
Advanced Training by Nate Osburn. The Academy of Wizardry and Warcraft, set far from civilization in a hostile forest, has fallen under attack by deadly and mysterious enemies.
Colben Thatcher, Fairy Hunter by Rachel Kotter. The fairy hunters of Nye have forgotten the original and honorable purpose of their quest.
Riese by Bryn Godfrey. A young girl’s family has been destroyed by a traitor who believes that he can use the family’s birthright and powers to restore and control the vanished race of dragons.
Everett John Sharp by Robert Nelson. In this realistic story of medical trauma and rehabilitation, Everett John Sharp is paralyzed by a life-altering auto accident; only to discover that, with will and determination, he can achieve anything he sets his mind to.
Momo by Calvin Boll. In this campfire-style spine-tingler, poor young Calvin is hunted and nearly destroyed by his baby sister’s “imaginary friend,” the ghostly Momo.
The Quest by Darrow Felsted. Young Allenor makes a chilling journey to the land of the dead to visit his departed father.