Sheriff's office investigating calf mutilation

BONE – A 450-pound steer calf was killed and mutilated in the Bone, Homer Creek area. The calf belonged to Ted Thompson of Shelley.

Thompson’s son, Rick, found the calf Wednesday morning.

His brother, Matt, said he had been in that same area a day or two before “and there was no sign of a dead calf.”

When they found it, Matt figures the calf had been dead about a day.

“It didn’t die of natural causes,” he said. “The hide was peeled back and it was mutilated by someone who knew what they were doing.”

The meat was left on the calf.

A Bingham County sheriff’s deputy went out Wednesday afternoon and reported the calf died under suspicious circumstances.

Calves have been mutilated in Bingham County before, Matt said. Last summer, a calf was mutilated in Bonneville County.