Snake River graduates 126

Family, friends, teachers, administrators and staff members celebrated with the 126 graduates of Snake River HIgh School Wednesday evening.
"Every class forges its own identity; its own uniqueness," said SRHS principal Dean Bonney.
The class of 2012 has received $247,000 in scholarships and awards.
Three more banners have been hung in the gymnasium—for state championships in boys soccer, football and volleyball.
Twelve different teams represented Snake River at state events.
"What's unique about this class is how well you treat one another," Bonney said.
"My challenge to you is taken from a quote by John Wooden who said, 'Make each new day your masterpiece.'"
(Wooden was a former UCLA coach who was also named to the College Basketball Hall of Fame.)
The class of 2012 had four valedictorians—Hannah Hansen, Carsey Kofford, Hayden Lee and Austin Park. The salutatorian was Katlyn Hall.
"In grade school, we wanted hugs from our moms and got treats and recess instead," Hansen said. "In middle school we learned that taking showers one time a week was not enough.
"In junior high, we could choose between pizza and the main line and in high school, we are at the end of everything we know," she said.
"Treat those around us with kindness," Hansen said. "Let kindness shape our lives.
"Be kind. Be courageous. Don't just be yourself—be better."
Kofford said, "We will be making so many critical decisions.
"Be who you are. Go with confidence in the direction of your dreams," she said. "This is only the beginning."
Lee challenged his classmates to "be grateful for people who helped you get here and be a winner in everything you do.
"This is not the end," Lee said.
He quoted Dale Carnegie who said, "Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get."
Retiring Superintendent Russell Hammond was recognized.
"High school graduation is a learner's permit that will open doors for you in the future," he said.
"You will need additional training to achieve marketable skills," Hammond said. "Many of you will train and be retrained several times in your life.
"May your life be blessed with success and happiness," he said.
The 2012 teacher of the year was math teacher Barbara Bedwell.