Stoddard reporters tour newspaper office

Stoddard fifth graders toured the Morning News office Tuesday on a field trip.
Students in Kristine Barrus' classroom produced two newspapers this school year.
"We had to ask the five "w's"—who, what, where, why and when," said Daniel Andrade. "Then we had to make up some stories."
Co-editor Austin Andrews wrote about volcanoes.
"Most people think that volcanoes are large dangerous boiling magma pots, but they aren't as dangerous as we think," Austin wrote. "Some people get confused between lava and magma. Magma is hot orange liquid inside of the Earth and lava is the magma when it is outside of the Earth."
Staff reporter Andrade explored the climate of Brazil.
"Brazil is right next to the equator and only has two climates, which is hot and wet, or hot and dry."
"Flash floods are very common in Brazil," Daniel wrote.
Seasons in Brazil are opposite climates in the northern hemisphere. Autumn in Brazil is from March 22-June 21; Winter is from June 22-Sept. 21.
The student reporters interviewed fellow students and covered topics that included celebrating independence, outside activities, entertainment, features and sports. The newspaper featured editorial cartoons about reading.
Blackfoot High School senior Kasey Jonas volunteered in the classroom a couple of times each week, helping students report, write, edit and lay out the I.T. Stoddard Newspaper.