Students pass GED Boot Camp

BLACKFOOT — Hard work and persistence has paid off for five students who made it through the first ever GED Boot Camp offered by the Idaho State University (ISU) Outreach Center in Blackfoot. A graduation celebration was held in their honor at the center on Thursday afternoon.
The 'Boot Camp' is described as a very intense six-week crash course designed to prepare students in the subjects of language, reading, science, social studies and math for the GED (General Education Diploma) and the Compass college placement tests.
"This is our first attempt at a Boot Camp and this is a landmark event for the program and the students who made it through,'' said reading and language teacher Kaye Nickell. "The students who have made it through are remarkable, motivated and persistent."
" This program is much harder than high school," she added, saying that originally ten students signed up for the program and that just the five have endured and completed the course.
"This is quite an amazing program and so are the instructors," said student Tshasha Harding of Blackfoot, whose goal is to become a social worker.
Instructors of the program say they were all very pleased with the outcome of the first GED Boot Camp and are looking forward to doing it again next summer so that those who need to can complete the course in time to start college classes in the fall.
Although the GED Boot Camp classes won't be offered again until next summer, the ISU Outreach Center helps students (16 or older and not currently enrolled in school) all year long with tutoring in reading, writing and math and assistance in preparing for the GED and Compass tests, and the Compass test is offered at the Center. Students can also meet with a career counselor to discuss education options. All services are free, with the exception of the Compass test which costs seven dollars.
The ISU Outreach Center in Blackfoot is located next to the Blackfoot Medical Center on Parkway Drive. Office hours are Monday thru Thursday from 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. For more information call 208-785-1848.