Students play with their food creatively

While your mother may tell you 'not to play with your food,' that rule went out that window as students from Snake River Middle School (SRMS) made 'fruit and veggie-mobiles' with the intention of racing them down a ramp and smashing them into a juicy mess at Jensen Grove Thursday afternoon.
It was all part of the 'last day of school' celebration put on by SRMS teachers Lisa Martin, Jill Munson, Suzanne Hieb, Susan Shawver, Sydnee Hale and Carol Adams.
An array of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, oranges, carrots, cucumbers, pineapple and apples were on hand for the kids to build and create their edible cars!
Adams, who instigated the fun activity, said, "There was definitely some nibbling going on while the kids were building!"
Adams said the cars had to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible to race.
"They have to use at least five different fruits and /or vegetables, the car must have at least three wheels and two axles," she explained.
Adams said this activity originally started as a science project to teach the kids about gravity, etc...but now it something fun they like to on special occasions.
Officers from the Blackfoot Police Department were also on hand to give the students water safety tips for summertime fun.