Taxes decrease in 2013 Bingham County budget

The 2013 budget for Bingham County is lower than the 2012 version and the levy is also lower. In the upcoming budget, taxpayers will pay $15.53 less per $100,000 taxable value.
Taxable values in the county have increased.
"Levies are down because [taxable] values went up," said Bingham County Clerk Sara Staub.
Bingham County Commissioners unanimously approved the 2013 budget.
There is a $35,943 decrease in the 2013 budget. In 2012, the budget totaled $27,250,512. Next year's budget totals $27,214,469.
The medical insurance for dependents coverage fund and the Workmen's Compensation fund have been moved from departments to the general fund, Staub said.
"These funds are hard to guess how much will be needed," she said. "The general fund has a reserve in case they go over."
Employees also received a two percent increase.
"This was necessary to keep good employees and to keep us even with other businesses in the area," Staub said.
"In a near $28 million budget, we have increased costs," she said. "The public expects the same services.
"Spend frugally," Staub said. "Don't spend more than you have to.
"Unless the economy sees a big jump, next year will be difficult," she said.
"The turnback [of funds from various departments] is less because we budget closer," said Staub. "It will be tough a few more years; that's just the nature of the game."
The county commissioners and Staub applauded the good job everyone is doing.
The county commissioners unanimously approved the 2012-2013 Ambulance Budget.
The expected total funds available is $799,467.
Projected expenditures from Oct. 1, 2012, to Sept. 30, 2013, include $20,000 that is set aside for the ambulance vehicle purchase fund. This is set aside each year to be used to purchase an ambulance as needed.
A cash balance of $15,000 is also set aside each year.
The budgets at the county and city and ambulance personnel working at Bingham Memorial Hospital work together to meet budgetary needs of the ambulance budget.
"This budget [from the county] just keeps them running," said Bingham County Commission Chair Cleone Jolley.
The balance of the funds for the ambulance budget is distributed on a percentage basis to Blackfoot, Shelley and Aberdeen.
Blackfoot is apportioned $509,771.42 or 65.4 percent of the budget. Shelley is receives $159,790.73 or 20.5 percent. Aberdeen is apportioned $109,904.85 or 14.1 percent of the budget.
The apportioned funds total $779,467 for the ambulance budget.