Thirty-seven graduate from Firth High

The 37 graduates of the Firth High School class of 2012 received a rousing sendoff at their ceremony Thursday evening.
The graduation ceremony was dedicated to the memory of Kitty Bolinder, the Firth High School librarian who died in the Fall 2011. Each graduating senior, the administration, staff and board members wore leis in Kitty's memory.
Speaking to his classmates, valedictorian Kyle Stradling thanked all who helped him get this far.
Live every day as if it is your last,” Stradling said.
“Make friends,” he said. “Friends are who have made me what I am.
“Make new friendships; let them impact you.
“Always try your best,” he said. “Life is not to be lived as the bare minimum but lived driving and excelling toward your happily ever after.
“Let us live our lives and venture out into our own future,” Stradling concluded.
Salutatorian Ashli Munger said when she was in eighth grade, she wanted to be a famous author.
“I don’t think I want to be a famous author anymore but I still have big dreams,” she said.
“Don’t follow your dreams—chase them,” said Munger.
“Forget our fears; chase your dreams.
Munger quoted Harry Williamson who questioned, “Who are you not to be?”
“Forget what others think you should be and be what we know we are meant to be,” she said.
The top athletes were Camille Jolley who earned eight varsity letters in cross country and track and Brenner Coughlan who earned 10 varsity letters in football, basketball and baseball.
The revered Library Scholarship that is made up of fines from overdue books was awarded by Kitty Bolinder’s son, Bubba. It went to Yoni Mendoza.
Firth High School principal Jeff Gee said, “I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished. I want to thank the high school staff as well as the staff from the middle school and elementary school. 
“This is a team effort; it is not done by a single person,” said Gee.