Thorson aims to be county commissioner

BLACKFOOT — Grant Thorson of Woodville is running to replace Cleone Jolley as Bingham County commissioner in District One.
Thorson has 10 years experience as a civil engineer, making decisions regarding the most efficient methods of building and maintaining public infrastructure. He currently works as a registered professional engineer and said he hopes to bring his knowledge of and background in infrastructure into local government. He said he believes the principles of engineering with respect to economy, cost-benefit comparisons, life-cycles and level of service can be applied to government in a way that will benefit the taxpayers of the county. He added that he believes his background in decision-making based on evidence and facts allows him to provide leadership to the county free from favoritism and corruption.
Thorson said his focus as commissioner will be to develop better and cheaper services for the residents of Bingham County through efficient and effective decision-making. "More efficient management will result in opportunities for better services where needed and lower taxes as appropriate."
Thorson has been the design engineer on over a dozen projects in Bingham County, including four public bridges and various private road projects.
"My role on local projects requires me to successfully coordinate between all local public services including government, canals, landowners and utilities. That experience will allow me to effectively serve the county as commissioner," he said, pointing out that over 25 percent of the county budget is dedicated to public infrastructure.
Thorson said he feels that the US Constitution grants all rights to the nation's citizens and in only limited cases should take those rights away.
"Bingham County deals with this issue often when promoting property rights and enforcing zoning standards," Thorson said. "My experience with land development and carrying out local zoning ordinances in design gives me a unique advantage over other candidate in this area. I am intimately aware of the benefits, obstacles, pitfalls and costs that ordinances bring upon landowners.
"My experience has shown me how residents and local governments can come together to provide beneficial land use while maintaining and managing proper land development," he concluded.
He and his wife live in Woodville with their two adopted daughters.