Today's the day to chronicle A Day in the Life of Bingham County

Today's the day. It's time to record "A Day in the Life of Bingham County," starring you.
Keep track of what you do, through photos and descriptions. Do it at home, at work or at play. When the day is over, put your story and photos together and email them to
Don't hold back. Share the photos and descriptions of your joys, your family and your friends with the rest of the community.
It's a fantastic way to be a part of history. We at the Morning News will gather the community's submissions together and will publish them in a special keepsake edition on Saturday, June 22.
A few rules: Put "Day in the Life" in the subject line of your email. Send the photos at 300 dpi and as jpg images. (Any content and photos you submit will become property of the Morning News.)
Have some fun sharing your photos the old-fashioned way, before Facebook.