Tribal officials honor educators

Shoshone-Bannock tribal officials recognized 10 individuals at a reservation-wide graduation ceremony for their contributions to Indian education recently. The Shoshone-Bannock Hotel & Event Center was the gathering place for nearly 400 people.
Tribal youth education coordinator Claudia Washakie said the ceremony is something new that tribal leaders are planning to do yearly in an effort to honor and recognize those who have given so much to education, while they are still here.
"So often, the good that people do doesn't come to light until they have passed on. We want to honor them and let them know they are appreciated before it's too late," Washakie said.
Those educators recognized from Blackfoot School District were Donna McArthur, Eloise Little, Norma Osborne, Sandy Rainy and Pete Lipovac. Merceline Boyer and Maxine Edmo from Sho-Ban Tribes, Pam Davis from Shoshone-Bannock School District, Barbara Hendricks from Pocatello School District and Marvel Eagle from Headstart Program were honored as well.
The tribe presented the 10 educators with St. Joseph Pendleton blankets as a token of their appreciation.
Also in the spotlight at the ceremony were recent graduates from the tribe whether it was high school, college or general education diplomas.
"This is a way to bring the community and the younger generation of students together so they can personally thank those who have given so much to education," Washakie said.
Washakie said tribal officials are looking forward to holding the ceremony at the new event center next year and that they already have some individuals in mind that they would like to honor.
"We want to hold the ceremony at the new event center as a way to give back to the tribe and reinvest in the tribe," she added.