Two former BHS athletes sentenced to jail, probation

BLACKFOOT — Two of the five former Blackfoot High School athletes facing charges stemming from incidents that occurred last year are now serving the first part of their jail sentence.
Logan Chidester and Nathan Walker each pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor disturbing the peace. They were both sentenced Friday in Bingham County Magistrate Court.
Judge Charles Roos sentenced the two men to spend two 48-hour stays in the Bingham County Jail, the first to begin immediately. Both are currently attending college, so Roos ordered the second stay to occur the weekend immediately following release from college. A 180-day jail sentence was withheld and will only be required if Chidester or Walker violate conditions of their probation.
Chidester and Walker were each sentenced to 18 months supervised probation. They each must complete 100 hours of community service to be completed at Blackfoot High School or for the City of Blackfoot, write a 2,000 word essay on the psychological effects of hazing and bullying, pay a $500 fine and court costs and must write letters of apology to the victims, their high school coach, high school team and the head coach of their college teams. Additionally, their probation officers may recommend Chidester or Walker complete a cognitive change class.
As a condition of their probation, Chidester and Walker were ordered by Roos to return to Blackfoot High School next year to address the football, basketball and baseball teams about the harmful psychological impacts of hazing and bullying.
Walker entered a withheld sentence, and if he successfully completes the conditions of his probation he may ask the judge to dismiss the charges.