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Two former BHS athletes sentenced to jail, probation

March 25, 2011

The Morning News—Melanie Moore Logan Chidester and Nathan Walker (center) are seated with their attorneys Justin Oleson and Steve Blaser during their sentencing hearing Friday.

BLACKFOOT — Two of the five former Blackfoot High School athletes facing charges stemming from incidents that occurred last year are now serving the first part of their jail sentence.
Logan Chidester and Nathan Walker each pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor disturbing the peace. They were both sentenced Friday in Bingham County Magistrate Court.
Judge Charles Roos sentenced the two men to spend two 48-hour stays in the Bingham County Jail, the first to begin immediately. Both are currently attending college, so Roos ordered the second stay to occur the weekend immediately following release from college. A 180-day jail sentence was withheld and will only be required if Chidester or Walker violate conditions of their probation.
Chidester and Walker were each sentenced to 18 months supervised probation. They each must complete 100 hours of community service to be completed at Blackfoot High School or for the City of Blackfoot, write a 2,000 word essay on the psychological effects of hazing and bullying, pay a $500 fine and court costs and must write letters of apology to the victims, their high school coach, high school team and the head coach of their college teams. Additionally, their probation officers may recommend Chidester or Walker complete a cognitive change class.
As a condition of their probation, Chidester and Walker were ordered by Roos to return to Blackfoot High School next year to address the football, basketball and baseball teams about the harmful psychological impacts of hazing and bullying.
Walker entered a withheld sentence, and if he successfully completes the conditions of his probation he may ask the judge to dismiss the charges.


Roos and Smith Step Down

March 30, 2011 by 1God, 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 353

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that the judge and the prosecutor are partial they have there personal feeling involved and they are trying to make a name for themselves. They want to judge and give sentencing that is not just for the what these young men pleaded to, it is time to step down and get a non partial representatives. After all should we air Roos and Smiths dirty laundry from the near past to the open public that we HAVE PROOF FACTS.

for both sides

March 30, 2011 by onthelighterside, 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 352

This is not easy for either side. Unless you have a child involved i don't think you should judge so harshly. If you have children you would know each one is different and deals with matters in his or her on way. We all deal with situations differently. We know the boys are not monsters, they are boys that took it one step farther than the so called "hazing". You could " nut tap" one kid and it would not be a big deal, but you do that to the next and it is that boys right to not like it. I have children coming through this district and would like this to be resolved. They don't need to be scared to go to school or enter a locker room. Remember your harsh judgment is against 14 to 17 year old boys. They are scared and just kids. Let the big man upstairs do the final judging. You need to take a step back and look at your words and the damage you can do. You are not any better than the judge...(in your eyes) In all your RESEARCH on this matter, have you looked at BOTH sides and spoken to them in person, or are you just putting words into peoples minds or mouth because you have an OPINION?? One side is not research.. No matter what, many boys have been damaged on both accounts and none of it is fair. My prayer is that each one can heal from the damage and become productive young men, and not be damaged for life like you said. That is a sentence in itself you just put on them. (kinda sounds like your a judge)


March 30, 2011 by lilfav (not verified), 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 351

Lets all just move on for the sake of everyone involved. What is done is done. Those involved know the truth, it is nothing but a waist of time to argue with those who are continuing to be ignorant to the facts. There will always, always, be people who criticize. Lets be the bigger person and walk away. What comes around goes around. No more feeding the fire.

Rooting for Logan and Nate

March 29, 2011 by Brokeblackfootc..., 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 349

I have just a minute to type because I am doing more research. Judge Roos why? You need your 15 min of fame? You lost your position to a better athlete? Or, you like being a lawyer and helping the prosecution change charges so they wouldn't lose another trial? We will never know. I do know God Almighty could of testified for these boys and they would of been sentenced the same. Shame shame on you for being so tainted, even when you were asked to recuse yourself. Anyway, the sentencing was hilarious. My side still hurts from laughing. Of course it is all ridiculous, but to send these "monsters" (ha ha) back to the high school (aka scene of the crime) to talk to the "victims" (ha ha). This is a slap in the face to the so called victims. Roos knows these are not bad boys he just wanted his tainted time to shine.
I do feel sorry for the "victims" their fish tales put them where they are now. May God Almighty (or whoever you believe) have mercy on your souls. This will eat your brain and stomach for the rest of your life until you wipe off the worms and come clean. Sounds harsh but I have done hours and hours of research and have heard the actual voices. I would write the book if given the permission.
Logan and Nate you will be scarred for life. Sorry it is a fact. Hold your chins high. It isn't much but you have gained all of my respect. I would have you both as grandsons and be the proudest!

bareback/really finaly hits on the keeper!

March 29, 2011 by truthsayer (not verified), 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 348

Was there more than just "the one" ambulance chaser in the courtroom at sentencing, guiding your every move? Will there be no money-grubing lawsuits? You know better. Haven't lawsuits directed at the school district already been initiated? I'm sure the accused would welcome a suit where they can finaly present their side and make the loser pay for all costs instead of riding the public dollar. Roos and the public have heard almost no defense to this point, 2 witnesses of 20 I am told. This was never about truth but it shall soon become so. I am privy to a few lawsuits myself.

Plea Deal

March 29, 2011 by 1God, 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 347

The real reason these two boys took the plea deal is because they wanted it over,I'm sure there families have extreme attorney bills and they probably figured there sentence would be minimum. But if they could do it over again I would bet they wouldn't plea because of the sentencing they received. Roos and Smith already had there minds made up they were going to make a example of them, based on there statements in the court room saying they new they were guilty and that they were a pack of dogs!
This town is an example of "Good old Boys" you scratch my back I'll scratch yours, a corrupt Judicial system. It is interesting to see Smith tell the media that he has evidence and all the witness's that the boys did what they charged them with, Felony's and all and then see Smith over time reduce charges down to Disturbing the peace. This shows they did not have the evidence and that it was a card game to the end to see who would lay down there cards first. I'm willing to bet that the last young man will go all the way, if I were him I would not plead to some thing I didn't do

Sounds like sour grapes

March 29, 2011 by barebackrider1, 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 346

Sounds like sour grapes to me. Judge Roos didn't bow down and kiss the ground that you and your kids walk on. If you can't do the time don't do the crime, it would do us all good to think about this before we act. Just feel lucky that the victims of your sons crimes have not desided to sue them now that they have admitted to the crime.

Right Back Atcha!

March 28, 2011 by truthsayer (not verified), 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 345

If those boys had known that Roos would hand down such a ridiculous distortion of any other 1st time offenders sentence for "disturbing the peace" they may well have fought to the bitter end. These families are likely "into" their lawyers between 10 and 50k now. Would you like to donate to the legal fund of the last remaining accused? Sell your house, or allow your son to take a "disturbing the peace" charge. Hmmm? Easy decision for you right? Especially in hind-sight. Stop adding to the misery, you know nothing.


March 25, 2011 by steelermom68, 4 years 8 weeks ago
Comment: 338

Fitting punishment.


March 25, 2011 by 1God, 4 years 8 weeks ago
Comment: 340

This is not a fitting Punishment! These two boys were sentenced for two counts of disturbing the peace with no prior records. There is no evidence or witness's that came forward to testify, this case was totally blown out of proportion. The judge, prosecutor, detectives, and community have destroyed these boys reputations all on Here-say no proof and yet the judge tells everyone in the court room that he knows they are guilty but has no proof, talk about voicing his personal opinion.
Roos should have stepped down he has let his personal feeling get in the way and that is a conflict of interest!!!

Pull you head out of the sand.

March 28, 2011 by barebackrider, 4 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 343

Pull your head out of the sand and take a look at the facts. If these two boy's felt that they had not done anything they should not have taken the plea deal. They had to know what their possible punishment would be when they excepted the plea deal. If they truley did nothing and there isn't any evidence then they should have gone to trial and proven it. These boy's got what the had bargained for nothing more. If anyone in this case has done damage to their reputaions it would be these two boys. If people would take reponsibility for thier actions this world would be a better place to live. But I am sure you won't or can't agree.

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