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UPDATED: BHS hazing suspects served

December 8, 2010

BLACKFOOT — The four former Blackfoot athletes facing charges relating to hazing incidents in the past year have been served and are scheduled to appear in front of Magistrate Judge Charles Roos Dec. 23. A fifth individual will also be charged but is not being identified because he was a juvenile at the time the incidents occurred.
The four adults and an unidentified juvenile were identified after the Blackfoot Police Department, in cooperation with the administration and staff at Blackfoot High School, began an investigation in September after students came forward to report incidences of harassment, intimidation and bullying. The investigation is ongoing.
Nathan Walker, Logan Chidester, Anthony Clarke and Tyson Katseanes are scheduled to be arraigned on felony charges of forcible sexual penetration by use of a foreign object and misdemeanor charges of false imprisonment. Clarke, Katseanes and Walker also face charges of aiding and abetting. Chidester faces two additional misdemeanor counts of battery. A fifth individual was allegedly involved but has not been identified because he was a juvenile at the time the incidents occurred. All were seniors at Blackfoot High School during the 2009-2010 school year.
According to charging documents filed in Magistrate Court, several individuals were forcibly restrained inside the locker room at Blackfoot High School on different occasions between Dec. 2, 2009, and Feb. 28, 2010. An incident also occurred on a school bus near Shelley during the same time period.
The charging documents indicate the victims were held down as the suspects either fondled them or inserted their fingers through clothing into the victim’s anus. One individual was victimized on three separate occasions, according to the documents.
The investigation into the allegations of hazing is ongoing and additional victims or suspects may be identified in the coming months.
Blackfoot Superintendent Scott Crane refused to discuss whether the district has policies in place to report or prevent bullying or hazing. All district personnel are restricted from speaking about the subject.
School District Policy 575 states that all staff members and students who become aware of hazing activities are required to immediately report incidents to the building principal.


Think about it...

December 10, 2010 by mandm (not verified), 4 years 23 weeks ago
Comment: 155

Okay, first of all. I really think that we all need to take a step back. I know first hand how ridiculous news reports can be, they ALWAYS stretch the truth. I am not saying that I agree with what was done, or defending them, but honestly, news tries stirring up arguements all the time and will make the BEST person look soo guilty and ugly.
What these boys did, did hurt people. But who are we to judge? I went to school with these boys, a couple years ago. They are some good friends of mine, I am so upset by what happened, but I really am going to wait to see how the outcome is before jumping to any conclusions.
I have been involved with court issues the past couple months, and I know how hard it is to read things like this in the articles. It is heart wrenching.
I believe that they definitely do need some punishment to see the other side of this and how serious bullying is.
My whole heart goes out to the families involved in this issue, both victims and the kids who've comitted the crime.
I am good friends with the Katseanes family, and I know how hard it has been for them. My thoughts and prayers are with ALL the families that have been involved in this case. Whatever happens, does happen for a reason.

It is my understanding that

December 10, 2010 by Tami (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 153

It is my understanding that the people who know the details of this case are not allowed to be discussing it. So I am wondering how so many of you are able to cast judgment, one way or the other. There are probably only a handful of people who know, with 100% certainty, what happened in this situation. WE ARE NOT THEM! As a community, we should be in support of waiting until the actual facts are known, not acting as if we know them already. The victims, on all sides, are going to need support and compassion. In response to "Local" and "lanthony", thank you for your comments. They seem very well thought out and stated.


December 10, 2010 by Local (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 144

1) The Accused ARE not guilty until proven so in a court of law.
2) If the accusations are proven to be accurate, everyone in the
Community needs to be behind the Victims.
3) If the accusations are proven to be false, everyone needs to be
behind the Accused.
4) No one here has enough facts to be picking sides at this point.
5) In the end the VICTIMS are the VICTIMS whichever side proves out!
6) Good kids, CAN get caught up in heinous things. IF it happened,
one or more will confess out his own feelings of guilt.
If so, support their families (it's gonna be rough), BUT, JUSTICE
7) If the accused crimes took place, the Victims who stepped
forward are Heroes.
8) The Prosecuting Attorney would not have moved without convincing
evidence that SOMETHING did happen.
9) Some are defending the characters of the Accused, - Fantastic!
Some are not denying the acts, but defending the Accused anyway,
- Immoral!

special treatment

December 10, 2010 by Blackfoot Resident (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 145

These are serious charges! Let the special treatment begin. If these kids would of came from a differnt walk of life than they do they would have already went to jail!!! They would of not just been served but taken to jail and booked and then been required to post bond. So quilty or not they will be given special treatment. Of course the family's probally need the majority of there money to go to the attorneys and mabey couldnt of came up with enough money to make bail and a retainer fee? Then again with the support of the church im sure they could?

support of the church?

December 10, 2010 by marieosmond (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 152

Say what? Exactly how many of those 5 boys do you think were active members of the predominate religion?

Answer: none.

You must be one of the ones

December 13, 2010 by eyeswideopen (not verified), 4 years 23 weeks ago
Comment: 161

You must be one of the ones with your head buried ... I know of one personally who is. Either get the facts or put your rose colored glasses back on continue to act shocked that this happened here "MarieOsmond"???? Exactly

Mug shoots

December 10, 2010 by Blackfoot Resident (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 146

Just love how the picture's that are being spread of these star athletes is there class pictures of them and not there mugshoots. Should help the community to see them how they are which is star athletes and not criminals right?


December 10, 2010 by eyeswideopen (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 139

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and here is mine. I have lived in this small town all my life. I love it with the exception of the small minded, predominently one religious ones that parades around with their head buried in their "bibles" thinking things don't go on like this here!! HELLO!!! They do and have for years!! I went to SR High 20 years ago where bullying was ALWAYS going on 9 times out of ten by the "good" kids who when to church every sunday with a hangover from the night before! My kids saw the same things, where their friends were told by administration when bullying was reported, "Well, their parent is a contributer to the school, lets not make problems"! Seriously!! Does the bible teach that?? I always thougt it was do unto others!! As far as the teachers and prosecutors are concerned, they are DOING THIER JOB!!! I would expect nothing less if it were myself or my children!! Maybe they are innocent, maybe not. Its up to OUR justice system to figure that out. They do the best with what they have. It IS our buisness, and its about time these things came out and were dealt with!! Your right we should feel sorry for the accussed and their families along with the victims. I personally know one of the accussed parents. They are wonderful people who I know have taught their kids right from wrong. But this is life, things happen and we can only teach our kids and hope they choose the right! If guilty, hopefully this experience with help them learn to make better decisions and choices. Dont get me wrong, MY OPINION is there is good and bad in all walks of life, all religions, creeds, and colors. But please, dont be naive cause it does go on here in Pleasantville June Cleaver!!

Generalities can be deceiving.

December 9, 2010 by lanthony (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 136

Let me start by saying that living in this country is hard sometimes, I have to respect your right to say, print, blog, whatever you want to say. That’s the beauty of this land of the free. Having said that, I also expect the same respect offered to me. I’ve read these blogs and am astounded by the negativity being expressed and the assumptions and generalities that are being posted. It was said that the school officials and athletic departments have NEVER disciplined their athletes when it comes to hazing. Wow, never is a pretty short time. I know, because my son was on a team that was punished for being cruel to the freshman players. This didn’t even occur on school property and they faced their punishments like the men they were. Which brings me to the second generality, all football players, or even athletes, are bullies and ambivalent to others around them. Please do not assume that all athletes are bullies. Sports are another extracurricular activity to showcase a student's talent.
So the coaches know what was going on and did nothing??? Wow, we must have some real evil people roaming the halls of our school. And to do this to just win a game, I don’t think so. I don’t necessarily call these men friends, I do know their character and I find that so hard to believe. I think if we do some research, a coach suspended some players for unspoken reasons right before some big games.
So I guess I would just ask you to think about what you are writing. My heart goes out to the victims, their families and the school. God bless your recovery. But I think we also need to show compassion to everyone involved and support them. Tearing people down, whoever they may be, isn’t going to start the healing process, it’s just causing more hurt.

Modern Day Salem

December 9, 2010 by krischid (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 134

This has snow balled out of control and I feel pathetic wasting any time commenting, but I have lost respect for the community at large. Some arguments posted about athletes getting special treatment just don't hold any water. I was a star athlete in high school and never once received any special treatment, or had nerds do my work or cheat for me. People who think that athletes do get that treatment and own the school are very shallow minded. The bar is raised for people who push themselves on the field, in the classroom, and within the community. It can't be expressed enough...innocent until proven guilty. What happens if they are proven innocent? Law suits for a nice little follow-up after having their names smeared. If guilty, then let justice be served. I pity the few who point fingers. To think that even more families may have to deal with their names being tarnished without andy hearings is eerily similar to the Salem Witch Trials. How did that community feel in the end? Very, very, evil and even worse...retarded. Salem, I mean Blackfoot, needs to let the facts do the talking and go back to wacthing "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". Most likely the most watched show in town due to the love of drama. God bless the families on both sides.

"Very, very, evil and even

December 11, 2010 by marieosmond (not verified), 4 years 23 weeks ago
Comment: 150

"Very, very, evil and even worse...retarded."

So it is worse to be "retarded" (and by that do you mean...stupid? Learning disabled? Having a genetic or birth defect that makes your IQ lower?) - than to be "very, very evil."

I would think that being very, very evil is worse than not being super intelligent.

It's telling that one who defends the perpetrators in this case thinks it's worse to be learning disabled than to be cruel.

BHS mom

December 11, 2010 by stove (not verified), 4 years 23 weeks ago
Comment: 159

wow-that took alot of thought. you know the definition of mentally handicap. Maybe u should spend less time on twisting what people say and more on what the real issue is.


December 10, 2010 by Really... (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 140

Hey krischid- if you "feel pathetic wasting any time commenting" then why do you feel the need to do it so much? I realize that your just trying to get sympathy for your family member involved, but I don't think this is the way. I too was an athlete in high school and to say that the elite one's don't get special treatment is just plain idiotic! They ABSOLUTELY do!! I know for a fact that these 5 boys did as well. How mature are you still calling smart kids "nerds" anyway? The sad fact of the matter is that not all the victims can be lying about what happened. There was enough evidence to file legal charges against these 5 boys so unfortunatly there must be truth to it, to what extent none of us know for sure yet (none of us except the 5 boys and all their victims). Compairing this to the Salam Witch Trials is absurd. Try being an adult about the situation and face it head on and support your family member because he is certainly going to need it! I am saddened by all of this on so many levels, but the ignorance of some of these comments made on here are a new low. I see why some kids think they can do and get away with whatever they want to. Sad, Sad, Sad.


December 11, 2010 by th (not verified), 4 years 23 weeks ago
Comment: 157

Ok "really..." since when is this forum a place for you to personally attack someone else. I'm not sure that 3 comments counts as too much as you've also commented more than a few times. So maybe instead of crying immature you should practice a little maturity yourself. No one said the victims were lying, but as you said no one knows what happened but them (and nothing has been proven) so as far as you know they could be. I'm not saying they are, just suggesting a plausible alternative to the published story. I do believe they were hazed, I don't believe its to the extent that everyone has been led to believe by the media and even the prosecutor. These boys weren't the first to haze underclassmen in high school and all the stuff they did was most likely done to them during previous seasons in their high school careers. Does it make it right? Absolutely not. Does it mean they deserve punishment although previous aggressors have had none? Again yes or else where would it stop. Should that punishment be in the form of a felony? No way. (wait wait before you attack if the allegations are 100% true and PROVEN beyond a reasonable doubt, then it is rape and is worthy of a felony)

I can not believe the odasity

December 9, 2010 by Really... (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 129

I can not believe the odasity of some of the people that have left comments! These poor kids that have been victimized are not the ones who should be defending themselves! They got up and went to school just like every other child at that school not intending to be sexually assulted. It doesn't matter who did it or when they did it! IT WAS WRONG!! These boys have had their butts wiped for them for 4 years at this school. They have never had to own up and take responsibility for their actions- until now. They got away with a lot more than many know because of who they are. Hmmm- all star football and basketball players, must just be a coincidence right? And yes, their coaches knew what was going on and chose to turn their heads for fear of a loss? What about what these victims have lost? Their is a big problem in this district when it comes to athletics. It seems if you are male and win games then anything goes. Seems to me that those in charge of the football and basketball programs at that school need to be held accountable for their lack of supervision. While the majority of the blame needs to be on those 5 boys, the coaches and administrators need to accept some reponsibility! Espically the coaches- for turning the other way, saying it's "not my problem" and allowing it to continue. Stop defending these criminals! What if it had been your child that was assulted? With how things are handled in the blackfoot school district it just might be next time because nothing has been done or changed to insure this won't continue happening!!


December 9, 2010 by lilfav (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 127

I am so utterly disgusted with our community as well as our paper!!! So many people feel it their right to judge!!! You have no proof of anything!!!! These boys have not been convicted, how dare any of you raise a hand to them!!!! You all say "what about the victims" !!! Ya, what about these boys who you are hanging out and crucifying before they have even went before a judge. Get a grip people. BUTTT OUTTT !!! As for the prosecutors that are bringing this case!! I won't go their! Shame on you too!!!


December 9, 2010 by common sense (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 131

Every one does have to remember that here in america you inosent until proven guilty. Not everyone is being judgemental we have grown to rely on our sources such as the police department and media so in the event that they are wrong they will be penalized just as the five that are being accused. People have to be held accountable for their actions. Our school administration needs to be held acountable also.
Does any one know if the school has put safe guards in place now thar they know what has happened and where it happened. My guess is no they have not and that also is a shame. If the community could stick together here and look at the facts that are important instead of just talking about the five that are being accused and their families because their families didnt committ the crime.


December 10, 2010 by stevebynm (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 154

First of all you are exactly right when you state that any individual is innocent until proven guilty. Its funny because many people are saying the same thing. I absolutely agree. However you say that and then you start convicting the administrators, wait, if your doing that then are you in fact already convicting the accused as well? Thats seriously confusing and even worse contradicting. But dont worry youre not the only one, many on this forum are doing the same. Lets start blaming the school district, coaches and administrators and then in the very next sentence remind everyone that the accused are still innocent. If youre convicting the school district then youre also announcing that you think the accused are guilty. Make up your mind. Once again IF and only IF they are convicted it will be them and ONLY them who deserve to be punished. Not the parents, school district, superintendent, coaches, teachers, or anyone but the ones who actually did it. Where would you like to place these "safegaurds" in the lockeroom, or shower? And since youre GUESSING that they havent, that means you dont know, so if they have and you spoke ignorantly then that will be a true shame. Lets not do anymore guessing ok?

It is our responsibility as

December 9, 2010 by common sense (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 124

It is our responsibility as parents to teach our children the ethics, and morals of life. We also send our kids to school to be educated and pay good money from our taxes to do so, we want our kids to be in a safe enviroment while getting that education. No the coaches and teachers cannot be by every student for every minute of the day. However i would think that the administration would put in some sort of safe guards now that this has happened before someone really gets hurt again. I sure hope that everyone that is sitting back pointing fingers will attend the school board meetings and voice their opinion where it counts rather than hidding behind a computer saying whats on their mind. We have to put the blame on the people that have committed the crimes. Then we have to rely on the administration of the school to put the safeguards in to help assure this won't happen again. Remember you can teach your kids everything that doesn't mean that they will do everything the way you taught them.


December 9, 2010 by Robby (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 121

Their have been instances of bullying in the past that have been covered up because the person doing the bullying was a school "elitest" nothing was ever done...until now since the spot light has been put on the school. I bet that more things will come to light that has happened that we have not heard about. Our chidren are entrusted to the people that run the school all day and after hours for shool events. Also why do students have to report an incident 3 times befor anything is done about it, according to the Vice principle. By the time it has been reported 3 times,it might very well be too late, and the damage could of been prevented, with the first incident,we have school shooting because things where taken care of by the faculty too late!!

You cant be serious

December 9, 2010 by stevebynm (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 114

I can't believe some of the posts on this thread. Are you blaming the teachers and coaches and then honestly sitting back and wondering how this could happen? Thats exactly how! Blame everyone else and excuse those who are truly responsible. Enabling or blaming is ridiculous. A young man who desires to do this to other young men has issues that constant supervision will not cure. How often should a teacher or coach be with a student? In the shower? The lockeroom? Just enough to warrant a lawsuit right? Or should they go home with them since thats where the problem really starts? Sure teachers and coaches have responsibilities, but they cannot be with a child, or an adult in this case, every minute of the day. Many responses on this subject make it sound as if you knew this had been going on for awhile. If you knew so much about the situation where were you a year ago? If our young people need someone attached to their side at all times then you should only have one child per parent and your full time job will be to shawdow that kid for his entire life. And please don't use this forum and horrible situation for your personal agenda to take a shot at the superintendent. Our teachers, coaches, and administrators have a duty to provide our children a proper education and safe enviornment. However, it is the parents responsiblity to inform their children that sexually violating someone is unacceptable. At what point do we place accountability where it belongs? Get real, gain some knowledge, and think before you write.

You can't be serious

December 9, 2010 by lmsw (not verified), 4 years 24 weeks ago
Comment: 122

You are so right on everthing you wrote. I have children and do everything I can for them and with them. I teach them responsibility and also teach them self respect and respect to others. If you are a parent, you may know that not all the children will act the same way elsewhere as they do at home. This is not about who to blame, it is about responsibility on all parts. The responsibility of parents might have been there, we don't know this because we didn't live with them. When our kids make mistakes, some of us parents normally blame ourselves first, "where did I go wrong?". You are definately right about the coach not being able to be everywhere with the students. He was on the bus. Was he responsible to his Education Code of Ethics? PRINCIPLE I: Ethical Conduct toward Students

The professional educator accepts personal responsibility for teaching students character qualities that will help them evaluate the consequences of and accept the responsibility for their actions and choices. We strongly affirm parents as the primary moral educators of their children. Nevertheless, we believe all educators are obligated to help foster civic virtues such as integrity, diligence, responsibility, cooperation, loyalty, fidelity, and respect-for the law, for human life, for others, and for self.

You are also right about your comment, "Get real, gain some knowledge, and think before you write."

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