Veterans gather at Firth assembly

FIRTH — Ninety-eight veterans attended the veterans’ day assembly at Firth High School Thursday morning. The gym was mostly full as veterans, members of the community and the student bodies of Firth High School and Firth Middle School were present.
The assembly honored veterans and their families.
Mel Richardson, one of the hosts of the Probing America Radio Talk Show, was the speaker. He was impressed with the number of veterans in attendance at the assembly.
“My dad fought in “The Great War,” Richardson said. “He was part of Pershing’s troops in the war to end all wars—World War I.”
“People say, soldiers fight to win a war,” Richardson said. “Soldiers fight to win a peace.”
Veterans are ordinary yet extraordinary human beings, Richardson said.
Veterans are heroes.
FHS student body president Kory Andersen said, “We can’t comprehend all that you have done for us; we need to be more appreciative.”
Lyndon Hall presented an American flag to Firth High School. The flag was flown over the U.S. Capitol on Nov. 11, 2009.
Members of the Idaho Army National Guard presented the colors.
The Community Orchestra, directed by Angela Carlson, played patriotic pieces as prelude and postlude music. During the assembly, the orchestra accompanied Jacob Fielding as he sang the military service pieces for the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force.
The assembly was organized by Firth High School teacher Stewart Portela.
“I had lots of help from the kids and faculty,” Portela said. “The attendance of the veterans makes the program so neat.”


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