Blackfoot legion baseball has a new championship team in their midst. The 12U legion team took home the big win in the annual Rocky Mountain School of Baseball Idaho Falls Tournament. This was an intense tournament between 17 teams from across Idaho and Utah. First in the tournament for the Broncos was the Bear River Bears, the Broncos played them earlier in the season and came out on top and they were looking for a repeat. Scoring one run each in the first inning It was a tight game for the following three innings no scores for either team. The bottom of the fifth the Broncos bringing home three runs to take the lead 1-4, evening things out with two and two in the sixth, the Broncos hold them at three for the first win of the tournament.

Next up for the evening game the Blackfoot Broncos took on Elite Level Sports. At bat first the Broncos pull one run before going down. Elite not able to score in the first, the broncos have a quick inning. Coming back to the plate for the second inning the Broncos take another three runs for a lead of four. Elite still unable to score in the second hold the Broncos at 0 for the fourth still not able to score themselves. Top of the fourth the Broncos rally with three runs to be followed by Elite for two. Top of the fifth the Broncos have another run streak of four runs bringing the score to 11-2. Elite having to score eight runs to stay in the game was brought to a standstill and held  to no runs. Second tournament win for the Broncos final score 11-2

Saturday morning next in line for the Blackfoot Broncos was Dirtbags Dirtbags, with the Dirtbags up to bat first the Broncos make short work holding them at 0. Bottom of the first the Broncos were able to get one run past to get on the score board first. Holding the dirtbags at no runs the Broncos come back in the bottom of the second bringing in two runs. Dirtbags back up, top of the third they go three up three down. Back at the plate bottom of the third the Broncos stack them up with seven runs putting the game at 0-10 Broncos. Three up three down for the Dirtbags still unable to get a runner in. Bottom of the fourth the Broncos start another banner inning with another seven runs on the Dirtbags. Top of the fifth to stay in the game the Dirtbags have to score seven, unfortunately the Broncos had other plans and held them at two, brining the final score to 2-17 signifying the third win in the tournament for the Broncos.

Game four the Blackfoot Broncos face off with the Utah Bandits. Up first the Broncos have a riotous first inning, seven runs before going down. The bandits were held at one run in the bottom of the first. Broncos, top of the second only able to get in one run before getting sent back out to the field. Two scoreless innings for the third and fourth. Coming into the top of the fifth the Broncos get back on a streak widening the gap with six runs. The Bandits down by 13 have to score at least ten to stay in the game. Bottom of the fifth the Broncos hold the Bandits to three runs for a final score of 14-4 Broncos for the fourth win in the tournament.

Fifth and final game was the Blackfoot Broncos against the TC Hawks. No one on the board for the first inning. Top of the second the Broncos at bat three runs brought home before going back to the mound for another pitching battle. Still no hits for the Hawks as the Broncos return to the dugout at the top of the third. The Broncos get another three runs before going down. Still pitching a no hitter the Broncos head back to the dugout for the las time. Bottom of the fourth the game is called. The Broncos win the tournament with a final score of 6-0.

An amazing series and an outstanding outcome for the boys from Blackfoot; Rocky Mountain School of Baseball Idaho Falls Tournament Champions. Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the tournament.

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