21st Grant to expire

BLACKFOOT — Co-founder and director of the Blackfoot Community Center (BCC), Ashlee Howell, came forth during the school board meeting, on Thursday, to report that their 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program grant is coming to a close.
The 21st CCLC is authorized under Title IV, Part B, of the No Child Left Behind Act. It is conducted through the Idaho State Department of Education, as funding allows.
Successful applicants receive funding for up to five years. Eligible applicants include school districts, municipalities, community based organizations, faith based organizations and private corporations.
Howell, in partnership with The Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center (BCCLC), applied for the fifth round of the 21st CCLC program grant and was awarded the grant to begin during the 2008-2009 school year.
Through this five year grant, the BCC was able to help 55 students from various District 55 elementary schools including Irving, Stoddard, Ridge Crest, Groveland, Stalker, and a few from Wapello Elementary School.
"Our program is enrichment based and gives special opportunities to children that these children would't be able to have, otherwise," said Howell.
The Snack Homework Art Recreation for Kids (SHARK) program was the program for which the grant was approved. The grant went towards the payment of the staff, programming materials, equipment and supplies.
"We have had a lot of success because of this grant, including an increase in the children's performance and also an increase in ISAT scores," said Howell.
The BCC is one of the only community based programs in the state and one of 70 nation-wide programs that have a summer program.
Funding for the 21st CCLC program grant will be coming to an end after the 2013-2014 school year, requiring a reapplication for the next round of the program grant.
Howell will be partnering with the Snake River School District and the BCCLC in the reapplication for the 21st CCLC program grant.
The Blackfoot School District is also applying for this next round of the 21st CCLC program grant. The grant will be in partnership with Stoddard, Ridge Crest, Groveland and Stalker Elementary School.
In 2010, the Blackfoot School District partnered with Wapello Elementary, Fort Hall Elementary, Independence Alternative High School and Mountain View Alternative Middle School and received a $238,430 grant. This partnership was referred to as "The Learning Connection."
Applications for the 21st CCLC program grant are due Jan 31and the best fit applicant will be chosen in April.