4-H celebrates a century in Idaho

4-H marked its 100th birthday in Idaho with style Saturday. Following the style revue, 4-H celebrated its century mark with birthday cake.
“4-H is fun for kids,” said Barbara Petty, Eastern District Director of University of Idaho Extension. “It provides for them to have positive interactions with adults.
“It prepares our youth to be productive and contributing members of society as adults,” she said.
Idaho’s first 4-H club was formed in Lemhi County in 1912. The program expanded throughout the state, and in 1923 the first 4-H Short Course, the predecessor of Idaho 4-H Club Congress, now known as Idaho 4-H Teen Conference, was held on the University of Idaho campus in Moscow.
Today, Idaho 4-H has more than 34,000 members ages 5-18, and more than 4,000 adult and youth volunteers who deliver programs throughout the state.
4-H is the largest youth-serving organization in the world.
Whatever interests a child, it can probably be found in 4-H or will be developed.
4-H is the youth development program of the nation’s 109 land-grant universities and the Cooperative Extension System. The University of Idaho, the land grant university in the state,  sponsors 4-H in Idaho.
Fueled by research-driven programming, 4-H'ers engage in hands-on learning activities in the areas of science, citizenship and healthy living. 
Nationally, 4-H clubs are supported in every county in every state, and in many countries throughout the world. More than 6.5 million Americans are currently 4-H members.
The national 4-H community also includes 3,500 paid staff members, 538,000 volunteers, and more than 60 million alumni, the 4-H movement supports young people from elementary school through high school with programs designed to shape future leaders and innovators.
Head, Heart, Hands, and Health are the four Hs in 4-H.
 •Head - Managing, Thinking
 •Heart - Relating, Caring
 •Hands - Giving, Working
 •Health - Being, Living
The 4-H Pledge is:
“I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
“My heart to greater loyalty,
“My hands to larger service
“and my health to better living
“for my club, my community, my country, and my world.”