4-H kids serve breakfast

BLACKFOOT — Kids made and served breakfast at the Bingham County Extension Service office Thursday morning.
On the menu were scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, fried eggs, waffles, French toast, pancakes, smoothies, orange juice and milk.
Seven 4-H kids were the morning cooks. They not only prepared and ate their own breakfast but also prepared breakfast for all comers.
Twelve-year-old Jenna Salisbury liked the different varieties of food that can be prepared for breakfast.
"It's really important to get the right measurements," Jenna said.
Jonathan Spencer, age 9, said he likes preparing eggs and French toast best.
Jacob Cox, age 11, said his Boy Scout leaders helped him learn how to whip eggs.
"The best part of cooking is you get to eat it," Jacob said.
Students attending the afternoon day camps learned about kitchen science fun with Legos.
The Bingham County Extension Service offers 4-H Day Camps during school breaks—fall, winter and spring, said Bingham County Extension Educator Marnie Spencer.
"We do many, many more [day camps] during the summer," Spencer said.
"Our ideas come from things we like to do or things that would be fun for kids," she said, "then we do research."
Ideas come from other extension educators, magazines, even craft stores, said Spencer.