4-H officials crown goat champions

Dairymen and women, of both goats and cows, traditionally show in all white clothing.
Goats are judged in two shows—the meat goat show that took place on Monday and the dairy goat show on Tuesday.
"I love the teaching that goes with judging," said judge Judy Novak.
"Primarily what I'm looking for in a goat is feet and legs," Novak said. "They're not going to last as a milk and baby producer if they don't have straight feet and legs.
"Eventually, they can't walk," she said.
"If you want to buy a goat, everything needs to blend smoothly into the next feature—from muzzle to tail.
"The skin of a dairy goat is pliable because it is thinner," said Novak.
"I like dairy goats but boar [meat] goats are where the money is right now," she said. "Ethnic communities are increasing. They are used to eating goat meat.
"Goats are browsers," the judge said. "if a goat is put into a field, the goat will eat the weeds. You will have tall grass with no weeds."
"Goats are personable," said Novak. "They are more like a dog in character."
"I love talking goat," states Novak's website, Day Dream Boars.