Aberdeen mayor offers reward for toilet vandals

Aberdeen mayor Morgan Anderson is offering a $100 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person (or persons) who plugged up the toilets and left the men's and women's bathrooms in ruin at Aberdeen City Park last week.
"The toilets were plugged up with toilet paper, the floors and sinks were dirty and there was mess everywhere," Anderson said. "We have to go to the expense of cleaning everything up."
Anderson said that the park bathrooms, which were upgraded last year, are locked up at night and that city crews check the bathrooms throughout the day.
"At this point, the bathrooms are still open for public access," he said, "but if this keeps up we will no longer keep them open for the public's use and this ruins it for everyone."
Anyone with information about the Aberdeen bathrooms can remain anonymous and should call the Aberdeen Police Department at 208-397-4270. The reward will be given once an actual arrest has been made based on the information received.
Blackfoot had a similar problem with vandalism at the new bathrooms at Jensen Grove earlier this year.
Blackfoot Mayor Mike Virtue said that law enforcement officials have charged two juveniles with breaking locks so far this summer and that more frequent bathroom checks by law enforcement officers has helped cut down on further incidents.