Absentee voting open

BLACKFOOT — Starting this week, voters can vote absentee in the Bingham County Clerk’s office at the County Courthouse. People can vote absentee until 5 p.m. the Friday before the general election.
Absentee voting closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 29. Previously, absentee ballots could be cast until 5 p.m. Monday, the day before any election.
Polls in Bingham County are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 2.
There are three ways electors can request an absentee ballot. They are:
° To vote absentee, each elector can write his/her name, current address and state something like, “please, send me a ballot to my current address.” They must then sign their name and send the request to the clerk’s office.
° Electors can call the Bingham County Clerk’s office at 782-3164 to request an absentee form.
° People can also go online at www.co.bingham.id.us to download and print an absentee request or they can contact Elections Clerk Marlene Jensen at mjensen@co.bingham.id.us to make that request.
Overseas citizens or military voters can receive the ballot via e-mail. They can print, vote and mail it back to the courthouse. Each ballot must be physically mailed back to the clerk’s office.
“We did this [type of absentee voting] during the primary election and it worked very well,” said Jensen.
The clerk’s office started mailing out absentee ballots last Monday morning.
“There’s still plenty of time,” Jensen said.
“If you are homebound or know of anyone who is homebound, please contact the clerk’s office to set up an appointment,” Jensen said. Clerks will come to homes to help the homebound person vote. To make an appointment, call the clerk’s office at 782-3164.
All ballots being sent out to the military were mailed last Monday, Jensen said.
If military personnel have not yet registered or requested a ballot, both the registration and an absentee request can be obtained in one form from his/her military base.
Idaho soldiers being deployed next week can register or request an absentee request form by e-mail at mjensen@co.bingham.id.us.
Another change for all electors voting in any Idaho election is the requirement to bring and show to the election judge photo identification. This will be required for each election whether the person is voting absentee, in person at the courthouse or voting at a polling place.
These changes were effective July 1, 2010, according to Idaho Code 34-1113 through 34-1114.
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