Anderson takes humanitarian trip to Philippines

BLACKFOOT — Idaho District 31-A Representative Neil Anderson, a Blackfoot resident, took part in a 12-day humanitarian outreach to the Philippines this year from April 23 to May 4.
On Nov. 8, 2013, the Philippines was hit by the biggest typhoon in its history, at least in windspeed, with gusts exceeding 230 miles per hour. This was Typhoon Yolanda in which over 6,300 people died.
Anderson, his son, Tyler, and 13-year-old grandson, Dylan, from Brigham City, Utah, joined a 18-person team to help the Filipino people on the Philippine island of Leyte.
(Leyte is the island on which U.S. Gen. Douglas MacArthur waded ashore on Oct. 20, 1944, during World War II, fulfilling his promise to return to the country from which he was forced to flee in 1942. A monument that pictures MacArthur and his aides stands on the island.)
On this humanitarian outreach, "we each carried two suitcases filled with 50-plus-pounds of clothes, books and tools that we left there when we left," said Anderson. "Four of us shared one suitcase on our return trip.
"The biggest city on Leyte Island is Tacloban with a population of one-quarter million people," he said.
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