Angels Among Us: Team has raised more than $10,000 for Relay

BLACKFOOT — The top fund-raising team in Blackfoot for Relay for Life is the team from the Jason Lee Memorial United Methodist Church called “Angels Among Us.” Since January, the team has raised $10,841.43.
“Angels Among Us” ranks third in the southern Idaho-eastern Oregon region. The region stretches from Rexburg to Boise and then into eastern Oregon.
“’Angels Among Us’ is actually two full teams,” said “Angels Among Us” chairman Tom Drysdale. Each team is made up of 20 people so 40 people participate on these teams.
“We had a lot of activities this year and people are very generous with their donations,” he said. “With the economy as it is, I was expecting fewer donations.
“I was kind of shocked that people were so generous, said Drysdale.
“We’re sure to hit $11,000 this year with the items we have for the night of the Relay, he said. The items will go to the highest donor.
This is the third year Drysdale and “Angels Among Us” have participated in Relay for Life.
The first year, the team raised $4,000; the second year $8,700.
“Our goal this year was $6,000,” Drysdale said. “We’re sure to get $11,000.
He and his wife lived in Arizona when his wife discovered a lump that didn’t look right.
“She said I should go to the doctor and I did,” he said.
It was discovered Drysdale had melanoma, a skin cancer.
“I’ve had all three kinds of skin cancer,” he said. “All the lymph nodes under my left arm were removed and I have a 12-inch scar where the doctor had to dig [the melanoma] out.”
“I had never heard of Relay for Life before moving to Blackfoot,” Drysdale said. They moved here three years ago.
“I wanted to be involved in Relay for Life so they made me the chairman,” he said.
Starting in January, the team meets twice each month.
“In our first meeting, we discuss what we did the previous year and how we can improve on it,” he said.
“When someone comes up with an idea, I put them in charge of it,” he said. “I tell them to pick team members to help you.
In 2011, people have generously given to a cake sale, bowl-a-thon, two potato bars and Bingham’s Got Talent. All were sponsored by “Angels Among Us.”
“Companies donated items to be given away at Bingham’s Got Talent,” he said.
“I really enjoy Relay for Life,” said Drysdale.
With two days to go before the relay, Blackfoot has 62 teams registered and 797 participants. Relay for Life starts at 6 p.m. Friday and ends at 7 a.m. Saturday. The event is at the Blackfoot High School track.

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