Another Route to Become a Teacher

BLACKFOOT — Chris Herres of Blackfoot worked in
mining and industry for a number of years. She taught
classes in safety and similar subjects.
“This is an investigation, not a commitment,” said
Herres of her interest in the program. She added that
she has long enjoyed teaching.
On Wednesday she explored a program called
American Board. It provides individuals interested in
changing to a teaching career an alternative to a traditional
path to a certificate.
Cherri Sabala, the Idaho representative, said the
program takes up to a year to complete. It requires a
bachelor’s degree in any subject, passage of American
Board exams and a background check. It costs between
$2,000 and $2,600.
The program, which is Internet-based, provides
online refresher courses, prepare to teach workshops
and practice exams.
Completion of the program will earn an individual
a designation as a highly qualified teacher in a dozen
states including Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.
Endorsements are available in biology, chemistry, elementary education, English language arts, general science, history, math, physics, special education and reading.Sabala said teachers hired after completing the program are assigned a mentor teacher in their school for two years.For more information, contact or click on You can call her at 208-631-3225. The American Board is a non-profit established in 2001 through funding from the US Department of