Babcock claims title of Blackfoot's Distinguished Young Woman

BLACKFOOT — Kyra Babcock won the title of Blackfoot's 2011-2012 Distinguished Young Woman over a field of 16 other beautiful and gifted competitors Saturday night at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center.
The 17 Blackfoot High School juniors competed in the areas of scholastics, interview, talent, fitness and self-expression. Each category was judged with the following criteria:
· Scholastic-20 percent
· Interview-25 percent
· Talent-25 percent
· Fitness-15 percent
· Self-expression-15 percent
Distinguished Young Woman (DYW) was formerly known as America’s Junior Miss. It was renamed in June 2010. This is year is the 54th annual competition.
DYW is a scholarship, leadership and talent competition. Twenty scholarships, totaling $10,500, plus a $1,000 scholarship from Utah State University, were awarded at Saturday night’s competition.
With her title, Babcock earned $1,500 plus a $1,000 scholarship from Utah State University. She also placed first in scholastic, earning $450, and first place in Interview, earning $400.
Daniela Wheelwright earned First Runner-up honors and was awarded $1,300. Wheelwright was runner-up in the following categories: Scholastic, earning $400, Interview, earning $350, Talent, earning $350 and Fitness, adding another $350.
Second runner-up Ashley Kunz earned $1,100 for her title. She won first place in Fitness, earning $400 and first place in self-expression, earning $400.
Angelica Winkler earned the Spirit of Distinguished Young Women, earning a $450 scholarship. This award is voted on by the girls themselves.
Kiah Brown earned a $450 scholarship for Be Your Best Self. She won $400 for winning first place in Talent and $350 as runner-up in Self-expression.
Jessica Deru also won a $450 scholarship for Be Your Best Self.
Tesia Trube was runner-up in Interview, earning $350, and runner-up in Self- expression, winning another $350.
Erica Bruderer was runner-up in Talent, earning $350.
Lindsay Loveland was runner-up in Fitness, earning a $350 scholarship.
Other competitors in the Blackfoot contest were Aubreanna Crabtree, Shoni Walters, Miraya Castaneda, Ashlyn Honas, Amber Carroll, Cheyenne Oleson, Brandi Hoffman and Lisa Wooton.
Each candidate answered the same question in the Self-expression part of the program. This question was, “Tell us about a personal characteristic you are working to develop that will help you in a future career.”
There were some great answers.
Ashley Kunz said, “One of the characteristics of DYW’s ‘Be Your Best Self’ is ‘Be ambitious.’
“I want to go for the goal; strive for excellence,” Kunz said. “It’s not how hard you fall but how high you bounce after.
“I’m a bouncer,” she said.
Tesia Trube wants to be a sports broadcaster.
“I have taken debate classes and hope to be as comfortable speaking in front of people as I need to be,” she said.
Kiah Brown wants to go into music education.
“As Charles Swindoll said, ‘It’s 10 percent what happens in your life and 90 percent how you react to it,’ Brown related. “I am in charge of my attitude.”
Self-motivated, perseverance, confidence, responsible and patience were also included by other participants.
The evening was fun-filled and entertaining. Not only was Hannah Miller, the 2010-2011 Distinguished Young Woman, featured, but also the Distinguished Dudes performed.
Fifty-five young girls, who participated in Little Miss, introduced themselves during intermission. They ranged in age from 5 to 11.
The audience also enjoyed a sneak preview of Aladdin, the upcoming musical at BHS. It is to be performed April 15-22 at the BPAC.