Ballots being counted

BLACKFOOT — This was the first time Bingham County has early pick up in selected precincts.
These precincts were
° Firth 7
° Firth 8
° Groveland 9
° Jamestown 10
° Rockford 12
° Shelley 13
° Shelley 14
° Shelley 21
Close to 6,000 ballots have already been received at the courthouse. This year, Bingham County received 21 percent of the registered ballots were received by absentee ballot be the absentee ballots delivered in person, mailed-in and homebound.
"This is the first time I've seen the in-house balloting be larger than the mail-in absentee," said Bingham County Clerk Sara Staub.
Results will be released after all precincts are closed in Idaho. Since northern Idaho is on Pacific Standard Time, results will be released after 9 p.m.