Basic American awards grant to Blackfoot Fire Department

The Blackfoot Fire Department recently received a $5,000 grant from Basic American Food to help purchase a fire extinguisher simulator.
“This is for training,” said Fire Chief Kevin Gray. “The simulator will be used for classes and for training.
Without the simulator, 30 to 40 fire extinguishers need to be filled for training exercises.
The simulator has a screen like a television set. As the firemen train with fire extinguishers, the simulator tracks them as they “pull, aim, squeeze and sweep” with fire extinguishers.
“It saves you dollars and is a little less risky,” Gray said.
The total cost of the simulator is around $11,000. The fire department has already received a $1,000 grant from the Idaho Fire Chiefs.
“We anticipate having it by the first of the budget year,” Gray said. “Basic American has been good to support us.”
“It’s good to know you’re here,” said Brent Higginson, Basic American Foods Blackfoot plant manager. “We are partners in the community.”