BCCLC receives grant from Fuel Up to Play 60

A third grade class at Bingham Charter Community Learning Center (BCCLC) holds the $4,000 check the school received from Fuel Up to Play 60. In the back row, from the left, are April Bruns from Dairy West; from BCCLC are Laurie Aubrey, Debbie Steele and Diane Sherwood.
Staff Writer

Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center (BCCLC) received a $4,000 grant from Fuel Up to Play 60 on Wednesday. The main supporters of this program are funded by the United Dairymen of Idaho and the NFL.
"The maximum grant any school receives is $4,000 per school/per year," April Bruns said. She presented the grant to BCCLC. "It can be a new project or build on a project that was funded by a grant the previous year."
Among the items that will be purchased through this grant at BCCLC are: a salad bar, buddy bench, bike rack for 18 bikes and bark chips for the playground.
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