BHS Class of '37 has 75-year reunion

The few remaining members of Blackfoot High School Class of 1937 met Wednesday afternoon for their 75th year class reunion.
Bonnie Gene Thyberg Pratt organized the luncheon at the Blackfoot Senior Center. A book of memories and photos was available for easy reminiscing and a brightly colored banner loudly proclaimed "Happy 75th Reunion".
The classmates eagerly greeted each other and began discussing the era long passed. The group was one of the first classes in the new high school, now the Blackfoot Sixth Grade Center.
Theda Tanner Ramey recalled, "While Central was under construction, we went to school in a little house. I remember it was so cold and I would sit by the door."
At the time Blackfoot had only two other elementary schools. Irving and St. Margaret's.
"We first rode to school in a covered wagon. They had sleigh runners for the winter."
"When Archie Ball got the truck we would get on in the front and go to the back where they had benches that lined the back." recalled Dyle Clark, "We used to tease and say it didn't have a motor but a hole in the floor that he put his feet through… that it was powered by feet."
"If you lived within city limits- you had to walk to school." said Pratt.
The simplicity of the time was evident when the class members discussed what they used to do for activities during the "noon time hour". Jacks, marbles, hopscotch, and roller skating were the popular activities of the day.
"There was a big wide sidewalk in front of the school. We would go out there at the noon hour and skate." said Ramey. "There was no one at Irving that could beat me in jacks." Clark beamed.
Every May Day (the first day of May), the schools would meet in front of the City Courthouse, now Courthouse Square, and attach ribbons to the tall flagpole that still stands.
"We would have a May Day celebration to wind the ribbons around the pole." said Wilma Snyder Mangum.
While the times have changed, the memories of the past are still poignant for the last six members of the class of 1937.