BHS debaters qualify for nationals

BLACKFOOT — Five Blackfoot High School debaters have qualified to compete at nationals.
Sophomore Blake Dewveall is the Idaho gold medal winner for Extemporaneous Speaking.
The team of Marquette Lawrence and Brandon Turner will compete in public forum. Both students are juniors.
Senior Tylie Polatis is competing in Lincoln-Douglas debate.
The National Forensic League competition is June 11-15 in Indianapolis, Ind.
Senior Brad Carter qualified to compete in Lincoln-Douglas debate at the Catholic National Forensic League (CNFL) competition May 25-27 in Baltimore, Md.
This is the first year Idaho joined the Catholic Forensic League. This allows more students to compete against students from across the nation.
Blake said debate has taught him "useful trivia and knowledge for the future."
Marquette said debate has taught her "how to find truth on both sides of an issue."
Brandon said, "I learned how to speak pretty."
Tylie said she has "learned how to think critically."
Brad said he likes "having the joy of crushing your rivals dreams."
The 2012 National Tournament Lincoln-Douglas topic is, "Resolved: A government has the obligation to lessen the economic gap between its rich and poor citizens."
The national public forum topic is, "Resolved: Stand Your Ground laws are a legitimate expansion of the doctrine of self defense."
The CNFL Lincoln-Douglas national topic is, "Resolved; The United States ought not to intervene in the political processes of other sovereign nations."
Each debater will prepare both sides of these resolutions.
In Extemporaneous Speaking, each debater prepares extensive files on current event topics.
"You prepare a wide range of topics," said Blake Dewveall. "You can be asked questions on who will be the next President of the U.S. to the price changes in Bolivia."
"You have 30-minutes to organize your thoughts and prepare your speech," he said.
International Extemporaneous Speaking topics for the 2012 nationals are about
° Africa
° Americas
° Asia
° Energy and the Environment
° Europe and Russia
° Global Economy and International Economic Challenges
° Global Governance, Democracy and Human Rights
° Health, Science and Technology
° International Institutions
° International Peace and Security
° The Middle East
° U.S Foreign Policy and Strategies
° The World Next Week
Coach Cherie Clawson will travel with her team to the national competition in Indianapolis. She is retiring at the conclusion of this school year.