Bigler files for Blackfoot mayor

Rick Bigler has officially become the second candidate to announce his run for mayor of the city of Blackfoot.
Bigler filed his declaration of candidacy and petition with the city on Monday, the first official day of the two-week filing period for mayoral candidacy. He was the second person to file after economist Dan Cravens, who announced in April his intention to run for mayor in Blackfoot.
"In the spirit of public service, I announce my candidacy for Mayor of Blackfoot," Bigler stated in a press release. "It is my desire to help Blackfoot be an attractive place for businesses as well as citizens."
Bigler, who has lived in Blackfoot for 20 years, said he has always been interested in a life of public service. He has served in the U.S. Air Force and on the Blackfoot School Board. He was instrumental in starting the group "Concerned Citizens of School District 55" last winter and in educating the public about the district's supplemental levy.
"I feel it is important to participate in the community that you live in," he said. "As mayor, my focus will be threefold." As follows:
1-Promote fiscal responsibility for those areas for which city government is responsible, i.e, roads, sewers, parks and recreation, snow removal, beautification of public area, etc.
2-Promote personal responsibility for those areas for which the citizens of Blackfoot are responsible, i.e, beautification of neighborhoods and homes through awards and recognitions.
3-Promote the acquisition of higher education for high school students by establishing a mayor's scholarship through private donations.
Bigler said he is looking forward to the next few months of "getting to know the citizens of Blackfoot and hearing what they think the mayor of the City of Blackfoot should be doing."
"I seek input from all citizens on way to improve our city," he said. "I want to thank Mayor [Mike] Virtue for the leadership he has provided during his two terms of service.
The deadline to file for mayoral candidacy for the City of Blackfoot is at 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 6.