Bingham County gets grants

BLACKFOOT — Nearly $8,000 in funds from the Idaho Community Foundation's (ICF) Eastern Regional Grants Panel will directly benefit five projects in Bingham County. Butch Hulse of Blackfoot, who is on the grant awards committee, was instrumental in getting the funds headed to the county.
The ICF selected 54 non-profit organizations in East Idaho to receive more than $83,000 through its annual grant cycle.
"I am very pleased," Hulse said. "This is a competitive grant program; I worked hard and was able to get a good share of this money for Bingham County"
Grant recipients come from the counties in East Idaho and include Bingham, Bannock, Bear Lake, Bonneville, Butte, Caribou, Clark, Custer, Franklin, Fremont, Jefferson, Lemhi, Madison, Oneida, Power and Teton.
Hulse said the non-profit organizations can apply for grants of up to $5,000. The Eastern Regional Grants Panel, which includes representatives from each county, meets once a year in July to review the applications and make recommendations. The ICF Board of Directors makes the final decision about the grants.
"Grants are awarded in the areas of arts and culture, education, emergency services, health, libraries, conservation/environmental, public projects, recreation and social services," Hulse said. "This year there were more than 113 applications requesting more than $450,000 from this grant cycle."
Bingham County recipients of this year's ICF grant money are:

-BINGHAM COUNTY-$1,500 to build a playground at Springfield Park.

-LILLIAN VALLELY SCHOOL, INC.-$1,184 to buy online math and language curriculum for students and bridge the Digital Divide.

-BINGHAM CRISIS CENTER FOR WOMEN, INC.-$2,000 to wrap all exposed wood on both emergency shelter porch areas with the PVC siding and add rain gutter and downspout to one shelter.

-NORTH BINGHAM COUNTY DISTRICT LIBRARY-$1,000 to purchase blocks to help children develop skills in math, science, literacy and communication.

-THREE RIVERS RESOURCE CONSERVATION & DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL-$2,000 to create a welcoming and visually appealing rock garden for the entrance to the new clubhouse at Hazard Creek Golf Course in Aberdeen.

Hulse, who is also a Blackfoot city councilman, said this is the second year that he has served on the ICF grant committee.
"I love's a kick in the pants!" Hulse said enthusiastically when talking about his position on the committee. "I love going to battle and getting money for our community."