Bingham County has history of tornados

BLACKFOOT — Thirteen tornados have hit Bingham County in the past 50 years, with more than half of those occurring since 2000, according to storm data from the National Climatic Data Center.
On Wednesday night, an F0 tornado touched down 1.5 miles southwest of Moreland along Pioneer Road. Four homes received damage from the tornado.
That was the first tornado to touch down in Bingham County in five years. The last reported tornado was Oct. 4, 2006, 5 miles southwest of Atomic City. That tornado was over open land and caused no damage.
A tornado rolled through the center of Blackfoot March 25, 2006. The F0 tornado touched town in the southeastern part of Blackfoot near Robertson Street, moving up University and Shilling Streets before lifting near the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds.
The storm took out four trees at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Shilling, with one falling tree damaging windows and a home.
On May 28, 2005, a tornado touched down in an open field near Shelley. No damage was reported.
On Feb. 14, 2000, three separate F1 tornados touched down in Bingham County causing substantial damage. F1 tornados have winds of 73-112 mph.
The largest and most devastating of the three touched down 3 miles east of Pingree and travelled towards Rose, causing damage in Riverside, Groveland and Moreland. Among the damages—which totaled $2.2 million—were destroyed garages, grain silos and outbuildings. Many homes had roof damage and approximately 25 center pivot irrigation systems were damaged or destroyed.
The Shelley tornado touched down 1 mile south of town and travelled north five miles. It caused $350,000 in damage and destroyed a garage and damaged the roof of Shelley High School. Homes also sustained roof damage and irrigation systems were damaged.
The final tornado formed in Firth and traveled toward Shelley, causing $275,000 in property damages. One person was injured.
Other tornados were reported in Bingham County in 1995, 1989, 1972, 1967, 1959 and 1956. All tornados were F0 or F1 in strength. F0 tornados are 40-72 miles per hour in strength, and F1 tornados have winds of 73-112 mph.
Bannock County only has six reported tornados since 1950 and Bonneville has just five, but Power County has had 16.