Bingham County whole as legislative district

It's official. The redistricting map that defines the legislative districts was submitted to and approved by the Secretary of State Monday.
This new plan, drafted following completion of the 2010 U.S. Census to preserve one-person, one-vote principles, will result in significant changes for the 2013 Legislature. It places at least 32 sitting representatives and senators in 10 of the 35 districts into potential primaries with incumbents, most of them Republicans.
Under the map L93 that has been approved, seven counties will be split.
Bingham County is left whole under this redistricting map because the county has a population that can constitute a single district by itself without combining with any other county or portion of another county.
For the past decade, Bingham County has been served by four legislators and two senators. People in the Aberdeen—Springfield area voted District 27. District 27 is represented by legislators Scott Bedke and Fred Wood and Sen. Denton Darrington from Cassia County.
Since Bingham County is now whole, people living in the Aberdeen—Springfield area will be represented by Bingham County legislators. Currently, Bingham County is represented by Representatives Dennis Lake and Jim Marriott and by Sen. Steve Bair.
Bingham County is now designated district 31.
"The county won't have to print separate ballots," said Marlene Jensen, Bingham County Election Director.
To run for office, a potential candidate must file a C-1 form at the Bingham County clerk's office, Jensen said. As soon as the C-1 is filed, the candidate's campaign can officially be declared. The potential candidate can start raising money and/or purchasing items for his/her campaign.