Bingham Memorial presents check to Bingham County

Bingham Memorial Hospital administrators and board members presented a check to the Bingham County Commissioners on behalf of the residents of Bingham County on Tuesday. From left are CEO Jake Erickson, CFO John Fullmer, Bingham County Commissioner Whitney Manwaring, BMH board vice chairman Gary Baumgartner, board treasurer Layne VanOrden, board chairman Wayne Brower, Bingham County Commission Chair Ladd Carter, Jessica Lewis and Commissioner Mark Bair.
Staff Writer

Representatives from Bingham Memorial Hospital (BMH, Inc.) presented the citizens of Bingham County with a check for $523,924. This is the latest payment that was received since the county entered into the Liquid Asset Transfer Agreement in 2007, when the hospital converted from a county-operated facility to a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation—BMH, Inc.
"The Liquid Asset Payment has increased more than $25,000 this year," Bingham County Commission Chair Ladd Carter said.
In 2015, the Bingham County Commissioners approved an update to the Lease of Assets Agreement between Bingham Memorial Inc. and Bingham County. This amendment provided the opportunity to eliminate two variable payments in exchange for one fixed payment in the amount of $400,000 along with a reimbursement for county indigent patients.
"The updated agreement with the county is the lease payment plus a percentage of the profits of the hospital given back to the citizens of Bingham County," Jake Erickson, CEO of the hospital, said.
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