Bingham's best dads- Readers Tell us why theirs tops the list.

BLACKFOOT— It's truly a wonder what one loving and strong male influence can have on one's life.
Some people call this man their grandfather, brother, uncle, or family friend; but most refer to this man as their father.
We asked our Facebook friends why they feel that their dad is the best dad in the world, and we were truly touched by their response.
"My dad has been gone 8 years now, but there are so many times I still hear his advice in my head. It's crazy how then I thought he was lecturing me, but now that I'm grown and have come to realize he was giving me advice. I am just grateful that I had the time on this earth that I did with him. Cherish your fathers, you never know when its their time to be called home," said Cindy Damon.
"My dad has been gone for 13 yrs. He worked hard so my mom could stay home with the 7 kids. He supported us all on his income. He took us on vacations twice a year, camping trips. He taught me to shoot and hunt. He worked hard to make sure we grew up as respectable adults. He treated every one equal, and was a very good talker when I was upset. He worked till the day he died, and I miss him very much. I could go on and on why he was the best dad, but most of all he loved his children and grandchildren the most when he was alive, " said Dee Ann Horrocks Beebe.
"My daddy, David Miller, took care of me all by him self almost my whole life. My mom wasn't around much and my dad was there for every first day of school, every choir concert, and every single softball game and trust me there was lots of those. I remember my dad screaming and yelling at me the first time he let me drive (in another state on the freeway) but I learned and i learned quick. my dad is the not only the greatest dad in the whole world he is also the best best friend a girl could have! My dad was even there to help me get ready for my senior prom. He was absolutely amazing. I remember my senior year thinking that i wanted to quit then i remembered that all my dads hard work would of been for nothing so i didn't. i wouldn't be where i am today today without him, "said Balalie Nikole Miller.
"My Dad is bigger than Paul Bunion and the stories of his life are much grander too. You see I grew up with the man who, absent a jack, lifted cars up off the ground so my Mom could change the tire. He broke river rocks with his hands so we could win bets with the neighbor kids, never asking for his take. Yet the really big things he has battled against in this life are much more weighty then cars or rocks. When I talk about my Dad I have to tell people he is the most determined man I’ve ever known. He amazed the doctors with the list of things he survived. I like to believe he is more stubborn than accident-prone. My father is an incredible man, one who lives (lived) a life of true character. He is, at least initially, an inadvertent feminist and at a young age he would encourage me, “Sis, anything a boy can do, you can do it better.” I believe that my love for community service, my determination, work ethic, stubborn will, compassion, self-esteem, bold personality, creative problem-solving, and dedication to my family and friends are all seeds my father planted in my character at an early age.
The world will see many dads but I’m so thankful that THIS ONE is mine," said Autumn Young.
"I have the best dad in the world. He's not even my dad. He's my grandfather, and he raised me. When I was about two I would sneak out of bed, crawl up on his lap and watch baseball with him. He shared every snack, kissed every boo boo, went to every daddy daughter type thing despite, dirty looks and rude comments, put fear into every one of my dates eyes. He's my everything. Better than any dad I've ever known," said Chelsey Magoo Weaver.
"My Dad has Muscular Dystrophy so he was not your typical dad. He stayed home with us kids making sure our homework got done. He came up with crazy little games we played, with Johnny West figures and bouncy balls, a real western shootout. When your guy got shot out of the saddle with a jack ball you were dead. I watch my kids do that now with Star Wars figures. I learned by doing what he told me, I was his hands. I cannot remember a game or practice he missed, and when he could drive, we would always see him at recess in grade school. He taught me to shoot, hunt and fish and the love of the outdoors. His stories of his adventures kept all us entertained for hours. Hopefully I am half the man he was raising my kids," said Troy Rider.